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ODOT Seeking Public Comment on Projects
LIMA (July 28, 2016)The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) District 1, in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Executive Order 11988, is seeking public comments regarding the following proposed projects:
Hancock County
Interstate 75-14.39 (PID: 87005)  ODOT is proposing a project to reconstruct and widen approximately five miles of Interstate 75 through the City of Findlay.  The purpose of the project is to improve safety and mobility along the Interstate 75 corridor.  Construction work will begin just south of the Hancock County Road 99 interchange and extend southward beyond the Harrison Street overpass approximately one mile south of the U.S. Route 68/Interstate 75 interchange. 
The project will reconstruct Interstate 75 to meet current design standards and add a travel lane in both directions.  As part of the project, the Harrison Street overpass will be replaced.  In addition, the U.S. Route 68/Interstate 75 interchange will also be reconstructed, as well as the interchange of Lima Avenue with U.S. Route 68/Ohio 15. 
A portion of the proposed work will occur within the regulated floodplain of the Blanchard River, Aurand Run, and several tributary streams.  The existing bridge that carries the interstate over the Blanchard River has pier structures within the regulated floodplain.  The bridge will be reconstructed as part of this project and the pier structures for the new bridge will be moved farther away from the active flow of the Blanchard River in order to minimize impacts to the river and floodplain.  All impacts to regulated floodplains are anticipated to be minor and result in no rise to localized flood levels.  A statement of findings detailing the results of the final floodplain analysis has been made available on the ODOT District 1 environmental website:
U.S. Route 68/Ohio 15-13.08 Cable Rail (PID: 102057) – ODOT is proposing a project to install cable rail barrier in the median of the U.S. Route 68/Ohio 15 four-land divided highway. The cable rail barrier will begin on the north side of the bridge over Eagle Creek near the U.S. Route 68/Ohio 15 interchange, and extend northward to the concrete median barrier wall adjacent to the Findlay Airport runway. The project will also remove the overhead flasher at the U.S. Route 68/Ohio 15 and Western Avenue intersection and upgrade lighting at that intersection.
Traffic detours will not be necessary, although temporary lane closures may be needed during construction.  Construction is scheduled to begin in spring of 2017.
U.S. Route 68/Ohio 12-11.69/3.87/6.25 (PID: 96658) – ODOT is proposing bridge maintenance activities at one structure on U.S. Route 68 and two structures on Ohio 12. The structure on U.S. Route 68 is located over Eagle Creek at mile marker 11.69. The structures on Ohio 12 are located over Moffit Ditch at mile marker 3.87 and over Ottawa Creek at mile marker 6.25.
Traffic detours will be required during construction. Construction is scheduled to occur in the summer of 2017.
Hardin County
Ohio 31/Ohio 195-3.65/7.05/1.02 (PID: 98527) – ODOT is proposing bridge maintenance activities at two structures on Ohio 31 and at one structure on Ohio 195. The structures on Ohio 31 are located over Panther Creek at mile marker 3.65 and over Wolf Creek at mile marker 7.05. The structure on Ohio 195 is located over Cottonwood Ditch at mile marker 1.02.
Traffic detours will be required during construction.  Construction is scheduled to occur in the summer of 2017.
Wyandot County
Ohio 53-6.20 (PID: 100745) - ODOT is proposing the replacement of an existing box beam bridge deck with new box beams on Ohio 53 in Wyandot County. The structure is located over Oak Run at mile marker 6.20. Other improvements will include the replacement of the approach slabs and the guardrail as well as the conversion of the existing abutments to semi-integral abutments.
Traffic detours will be required during construction. Construction is scheduled to occur in the summer of 2018.
More information on ODOT projects can be found here: www.dot.state.oh.us/districts/D01/PlanningPrograms/Projects
Comments may be made by contacting the individual listed below. Please provide comments within 15 days from the day this was published.  To help expedite a response please provide the project name and PID number provided above as well as contact information.  Comments without contact information cannot be responded to.
Project related issues the public may wish to comment on include, but are not limited to, historic or cultural resources, ecological resources, and environmental justice issues.
Contact Information:  Nate Tessler at ODOT District 1, 1885 N. McCullough Street, Lima, Ohio 45801
Phone: 419-999-6886 or email at Nate.Tessler@dot.state.oh.us; media inquiries, Rhonda Pees, 419-999-6803, rhonda.pees@dot.ohio.gov.