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The Ohio Department of Transportation has modified traffic control at two intersections on the former U.S. 30.

“We removed the traffic signal at Ohio 235 and the flashing overhead beacon at Ohio 37 where the routes intersect with old U.S. 30,” said Tim Burkepile, Ohio Department of Transportation District 1 deputy director. “With the opening of new U.S. 30 in November 2007, traffic volumes at the intersections have dropped considerably and no longer warrant the devices,” he said.

Removal of the traffic signal at Ohio 235 and the former U.S. 30, which is now County Road 304, took place last week when the signal was placed in flash mode for a period of 90 days. A red flashing stop indicator displays for traffic on County Road 304 and a yellow flashing caution displays for Ohio 235.

During the flash period, motorists on County Road 304 will stop for traffic on Ohio 235. Stop signs and pavement markings to indicate where vehicles should stop will be placed on both approaches of County Road 304. In addition, “Stop Ahead” signs will be placed prior to the intersection. Following the 90-day flash period, the signal will be removed.

“The flash mode will allow motorists to adjust to the new conditions at the intersection before they become permanent,” said Burkepile.

At Ohio 37, the flashing beacon was removed and stop signs placed on County Road 304. Traffic on Ohio 37 no longer stops at the intersection.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Rhonda Pees, ODOT District 1, 419-999-6803