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 Planning and Engineering Department


Mike Gramza, Planning and Engineering Administrator

The District Two Planning and Engineering department has the responsibility of initiating and programming highway construction projects, developing district-wide work programs, and also monitoring progress of project plan development.  Field reviews are conducted by this department to determine the existing conditions of pavement, culverts, bridge, and various other structures.

Once a proposed construction project is programmed into the Project Development Management System, the next thing is to schedule 10 activities that are considered to be a standard minimum of activities and they are:  Authorization to Proceed, Environmental Clearance, Stage 1 Review,Stage 2 Review, Stage 3 Review, R/W Plan Approved/None Required, Tracing Completed in District,R/W and Utility Clearnance, Plan Package to Central Office, and the Award Date.

Planning & Engineering also ensures the proper and timely use of all district allocated funds; conducts and coordinates environmental reviews traffic impact studies and access management-related issues; conducts public meetings and hearings; coordinates district safety review team and highway safety program; serves as district's multi-modal (rail, air, transit, water) contact; serves as a liason to MPO (TMACOG); and also deals with LPA coordination.

This department is also responsible for interpretting ideas and the full scope of a project, and transforming those elements into a constructable plan document for a constructor.  The department receives a concept, materializes the concept, gathers the necessary data from Survey, as well as collaborating with the Real Estate area in terms of the appropriation of land.  After the needed information is gathered, can the work on designs for the proposed structure begin.


 Planning and Engineering Contacts

Gramza, MikePlanning and Engineering Administrator419-373-4466Oversight of Planning and Engineering Operations
Hines, TriciaAdministrative Assistant 2419-373-4434