I-475 Reports

The I-475 Strategic Plan will be based on a series of technical studies that will be developed as part of the environmental planning process. You can click on any of the reports that are of interest to you. 

The Planning Study Report - is the formal record of the decision-making process and the rationale for the dicisions made throughout the entire planning process. It lays the groundwork for what will be used and built on duirng NEPA and the remaining steps. It is the compilation of the planning activities that took place including the analyses, stakeholder involvement, finalized purpose an dneed, alternatives evaluation, funding, and phasing possibilities.

Purpose and Need Report - based on the transportation and safety problems that the study team has identified through technical analyses and Steering Committee input, the needed improvements to I-475 are identified in this report.

The Red Flag Summary Report - helps identify locations and issues of concern (engineering, environmental or land use) within the project area. These locations or issues, referred to as "red flags", alert the team that additional study coordination in future steps of the project development process may be needed.

Existing and Future Conditions Report - looks at existing data and future projections to determine technical deficiencies and conditions within the corridor at present and in the design year of 2035.