ODOT District Two Announces Interstate

75/475 Groundbreaking

BOWLING GREEN (Friday, July 9, 2010) The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) District Two announces the groundbreaking of the Interstate 75/475 Interchange upgrade project.

A ceremony will be held to commemorate the start of construction on this long-awaited project. The groundbreaking represents years of planning and a dedicated partnership between ODOT, the City of Toledo and local businesses.

The Interstate 475 Interchange upgrade project begins the modernization of the Interstate 75/475 interchange. The project will also widen Interstate 475 to six lanes between Rushland Avenue and Interstate 75, and build a new interchange at Promedica Parkway. Upon completion, the project will create an attractive gateway and make this area of Toledo more accessible. 

WHAT:   ODOT District Two Interstate 75/475 Groundbreaking

WHEN:   Friday, July 30, at 10:00 a.m.                      

WHERE:  Kelly Avenue near the ramp from Kelly Avenue to Interstate 475 in Toledo

Directions: From Central Avenue, go north on Kelly Avenue. Vehicles will be parked along Giant Street and Bigelow Street. Barricades will be temporarily removed for the ceremony.