Interstate 75/475: Interchange Upgrade
BOWLING GREEN (Wednesday, September 21, 2011) - The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) District Two announces the following update to the I-75/475 interchange upgrade project. Updates are highlighted in bold and underlined.
1. Interstate 75/475: Interchange Upgrade
Lucas County (281-10):  Upgrade the I-75/I-475 interchange, widen I-475 from Rushland Avenue to I-75, and construct a new interchange at ProMedica Parkway.   
Through the fall of 2011, the right lane in both directions of I-475, between Monroe Street and I-75, is restricted. Additional lane restrictions are possible, overnight from 7pm through 6am, on I-475 in both directions from Rushland Avenue to I-75 and on I-75 in both directions from Detroit Avenue to Berdan Avenue.  
Overhead sign work on the ramps from northbound I-75 to westbound I-475 and from eastbound I-475 to northbound I-75 has been postponed due to weather. ODOT will notify when work is rescheduled. 
  • Through December, the ramp from Douglas Road to eastbound I-475 is closed. Detour: Monroe Street; Secor Road; I-475.
  • Through October, the ramp from westbound I-475 to Douglas Road is closed. Detour: Secor Road (Exit 17); Monroe Street.
  • Through November 2012, the ramp from Monroe Street to eastbound I-475 is closed. Detour: Secor Road: eastbound I-475.   
  • Through fall of 2012, the ramp from North Cove Boulevard to westbound I-475 is closed. Detour: Central Avenue; Upton Avenue; westbound I-475.
  • Through fall of 2012, the ramp from Upton/Kelley Avenue to eastbound I-475 is closed. Detour: Central Avenue; Jeep Parkway; I-75.  The ramp from ProMedica Parkway to eastbound I-475 is scheduled to open by spring 2012.
  • Through fall of 2012, the ramp from eastbound I-475 to Jeep Parkway is closed. Detour: Northbound I-75; Berdan Avenue (Exit 205B); Jeep Parkway.
  • Through fall of 2011, lane restrictions are possible on Central Avenue at Promedica Parkway for intersection improvement.
  • Through summer, Giant Street, between Upton Avenue and Bigelow Street, is closed for sewer relocation. Suggested alternate route: Jackman Road.
  • Through November 2012, Upton Avenue, between Georgia Avenue and Central Avenue and Central Avenue, between Upton Avenue and Jackman Road are reduced to one lane in each direction.
  • Through December 2012, Sherbrooke Road, between Groveland Road and Marlow Road, is closed.  Detour: Monroe Street; Douglas Road; Berdan Avenue.
Project complete: Fall 2013. All work is weather permitting.