Interstate 75 Joint Repair  *Update*

BOWLING GREEN (Friday, August 8, 2013) - The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) District Two announces the following update to the Interstate I-475 Joint repair. Updates highlighted in bold and underlined
Interstate 75: Joint Repair *UDPATE*
Lucas County (99-13):
Through August, intermittent overnight, 7pm to 6am, and weekend lane restrictions are possible on I-75 from Segur Avenue to I-280, on I-280 at I-75 and on I-475 from Airport Highway to US 24 for joint repair. On Friday, August 9 at 8 :00pm until Sunday, August 11, at 11:59 pm, the following ramps may be closed:
·         Ramp from US 24 East to I-475/23 North: Detour 475/23 South (Dayton), Perrysburg (Exit 2) to I-475 northbound.  
·         Ramp from I-475/23 North to US 24 West: Detour I-475 North, Salisbury Road/Dussel Drive (Exit 6) I- 475 South, US 24 (Exit 4). 
·          Ramp from US 24 West to I-475/23 South: Detour US 24 West, Exit Fallen Timbers Lane (Exit 67), US 24 West, Ramp 475/23 South.
·          Ramp from I-475/23 South to US 24 East: Detour I-475 South, Exit 6 Perrysburg, I-475 North, (Exit 4) US 24.  
·         Ramp from SR 2 to I-475/23 South: Detour I-475 North, Exit 13 (Central Ave), I-475 South.
Ramp closures will be intermittent and will occur concurrently.
Project complete: August.  All work is weather permitting.