ODOT Launches Social Media Campaign
by asking Ohioans “How do you drive safe?”

 Winner of best safety tip gets message made into a safety video
COLUMBUS (Thursday, December 1, 2011) – With nearly 33,000 crashes and 90 fatalities on Ohio roads last December, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is expanding its social media outreach to help promote safe driving this holiday season by asking Ohio motorists, “How do you drive safe?” 
For the next thirty-one days, from December 1 to December 31, ODOT will post a safe driving tip on its new district Facebook and Twitter pages.
ODOT on TwitterTwitter users click here to see the first video safety tip.  Twitter users are to add the hashtag  #HowDoUDriveSafe when tweeting a safe driving tip.
ODOT on FacebookFacebook users click here to see the first video safety tip.
Twitter followers and Facebook fans of ODOT are encouraged to post or tweet their own safe driving tip, as the winner of the best safety message will get their message produced into a safety video PSA.
ODOT wants to ask people “How do you drive safe?” and get them to think about the unsafe things they and others do while driving – such as texting, putting on makeup, speeding or not using a blinker – then post a safety slogan or safety message to get others to stop bad driving habits.
Building upon its already successful major metro area Twitter sites (Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton/Springfield, Akron/Canton and Toledo) which have more than 17,000 followers combined, ODOT has now expanded both its Facebook and Twitter sites to all 12 regional ODOT districts.  
Click on the following links for a list of your local ODOT Facebook and Twitter sites so you can participate in keeping Ohioans safe this holiday season.
For more information,  contact: David Rose, ODOT Communications Office, at 614-387-0435,  by email at david.rose@dot.state.oh.us or your local ODOT District Communications Office