ODOT Makes “Green” Brine this Winter!
ODOT recycles wash water to make brine and save on ice and snow operations
11am, Thursday, October 20
ODOT Henry County Garage, 9733 SR 110, Napoleon Ohio
BOWLING GREEN (Tuesday, October 18, 2011)As Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) crews continue to inspect and fine tune each piece of snow removal equipment to ensure it is ready for battle this winter season, ODOT District Two will pilot “green” brine along state and federal routes in Henry County this year.  Brine is saltwater solution used in conjunction with rock salt to speed the melting process and pretreat the roads.

Here’s how it works.  To maintain the lifetime of our fleet, ODOT trucks are rinsed after each snow storm. As salty water runs off from trucks, it’s drained into a holding pond in the back of the facility.  Water from this pond also collects storm water from the area in front of the salt barns.  This water is beneficially reused by transferring the water to a tank specially designed to mix brine.  Brine tankers than fill up and hit the road and pretreat the highways of Henry County. 

Last year, ODOT partnered with Ohio EPA to build and construct the new lagoon to ensure the pond water would not violate Ohio’s water quality standards.

“Any time you can use innovative ideas like this to improve a process it’s a win-win for all involved.” says District Two Deputy Director Todd Audet.

This is the first permitted facility of its kind in the state of Ohio.  ODOT has plans to build similar facilities at ODOT garages statewide. 

ODOT will showcase the “green” brine facility in a special media event this Thursday.  Officials from ODOT and the Ohio EPA will be on hand to explain the process. 
For more information contact:
Theresa Pollick, ODOT District Two Office Communications at, 419-373-4428
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