Left Turn Traffic Signal Receives Makeover
Red left arrow to replace solid red indicator
COLUMBUS (Tuesday, May 1, 2012) – The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is in the process of  switching 643 left turn protected signals at intersections throughout the state due to changes in federal regulations.
Currently, as motorists approach a designated left turn lane, the signal transitions from a green arrow to a yellow arrow, and then to a solid red circle.  The new signal will transition from a green arrow to a yellow arrow and then to a red arrow (as pictured below).  Drivers CANNOT turn on red arrows.
Installation of the new red arrows will take place statewide as older versions are scheduled for routine replacement at a cost of about $26 per signal.
The change is part of the 2009 Federal Highway Manual Uniform of Traffic Control Devices which requires “protected only” left turn signals to have red arrows replace all circular red indicators.  The purpose of the change is to enhance uniformity and eliminate “left turn signal” signs.  
ODOT began installing the red arrows on April 12 as part of its annual signal improvement program.  
Through May, ODOT will be installing approximately 45 arrows at various intersections in Lucas and Wood counties.  Beginning tomorrow, crews will be installing the new arrows along Central Avenue, between I-475 and King Road, weather permitting.  
New left arrow replaces traditional solid red indicator

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