State Route 120: Traffic Signal at Wildwood Preserve Entrance
BOWLING GREEN (Thursday, December 27, 2012) - The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) District Two announces the following opportunity for public comment on the proposed traffic signal maintenance project at the entrance to Wildwood Preserve on Central Avenue (SR-120).
Project Description:
The ODOT proposes to upgrade the signal at Central Avenue and Exmoor Road.  Work at the intersection will include installing new mast arms or strain poles, rewiring the signal heads, replacing the signal heads, installing conduit and pull boxes and installing new power service. ODOT has the need to acquire 0.145 acres of permanent right-of-way from the Wildwood Preserve, which includes the location of the existing ODOT signal box.  The property is located at the main entrance of the park at Central Ave and Exmoor Rd.
The recreational components, including indoor room rentals and picnic shelter rentals, public trails, and playgrounds are afforded protection under Section 4(f).  Due to the scope of the proposed undertaking and the presence of Section 4(f) property, measures to minimize harm have been deployed by the Federal Highway Administration that create a de minimis impact (as defined in 23 CFR 774.17) on the property.  A de minimis impact is one that will not adversely affect the features, attributes, or activities qualifying the Section 4(f) property (Wildwood Preserve) for protection.  Work on the proposed project is scheduled to begin during the summer of 2013.
Opportunity for Public Comment:
Due to the permanent highway easement being acquired for work on a signal at the entrance to Wildwood Preserve on Central Avenue and that the parcel has unrestricted public recreational access, it is subject to the requirement of 23 CFR 774, Section 4(f).  In order to proceed with maintenance and repair activities, ODOT must first be in compliance with this requirement.  ODOT is posting the project information to obtain public input regarding this proposed work.
Comments on the proposed signal maintenance project at Wildwood Preserve, Central Avenue, PID 92788, may be sent by Monday, January 28, 2013 to the following contact:
Ohio Department of Transportation, District 2 Office
Attention: Kacey Smith, Environmental Coordinator
317 E. Poe Road, Bowling Green, OH 43402
Telephone Number: 419-373-4319