Veterans’ Glass City Skyway (VGCS)
Possible Elevated Chloride Levels in Grout
BOWLING GREEN (Friday, February 3, 2012) - The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) District Two announces the following information concerning the elevated chloride levels in grout possibly used on the VGCS project.
There is no imminent or short-term safety hazard, even if high levels of chloride are discovered in the grout.
In November, the Federal Highway Administration informed ODOT that grout manufacturer, Sika discovered varying levels of chloride in grout produced in their Marion plant from November 2002-2010
The grout delivered for use on projects, including the Veterans’ Glass City Skyway, may or may not contain levels of chlorides above the specified limit.
This spring, ODOT, Sika and a third party will sample and test the grout to determine if the grout contains higher levels of chlorides. 
ODOT will continue to work with Sika to take action and resolve possible issues.
See below for comments from material manufacturer Sika Inc.
For more information contact:
The District 2 Public Information office at (419) 373-4428
or email