Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)

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Table of Contents/List of Tables/List of Figures/List of Appendices

Section 1 – Introduction
Section 2 – Project Status
Section 3 – Project Changes

Figure 3-1: New SR 295 Interchange
Figure 3-2: New Overpass at TR 10
Figure 3-3: New Overpass at CR 4a
Figure 3-4: New Overpass at CR 3
Figure 3-5 New Overpass at CR 109
Figure 3-6 New Overpass at Neowash Road
Figure 3-7 Revised Interchange at SR 109
Figure 3-8 Detention Pond East of Heller Road
Figure 3-9: Revised Alignment at Neapolis-Waterville Rd.
Figure 3-10: Revised Interchange at SR 64
Figure 3-11: Revised Alignment at Dutch Rd./Waterville-Monclova Rd.
Figure 3-12: Revised Alignment Over Railroad
Figure 3-13: Revised Preferred Alternative
Figure 3-13-2: Revised Preferred Alternative

Section 4 – Public Involvement
Section 5 – Agency Coordination
Section 6 - Conclusion and Environmental Commitments

Appendix A – Public Hearing Summary
Appendix B – Agency Correspondence
Appendix C – Draft EIS Compact Disk
Appendix D – Index of Technical Reports
Appendix E - DEIS Errata
Appendix F – List of Preparers and Reviewers
Appendix G – Distribution List
Appendix H – Farmland Conversion Impact Rating Form AD-1006