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Introduction --
The US 24 Corridor Study Begins

The need for improving US 24 has been known and discussed for years. A study to determine what improvements should be made is now underway. Sverdrup Associates of Columbus has been retained by ODOT to conduct the "US 24 - Napoleon to Toledo Preliminary Development Study." The Consultants will work in cooperation with TMACOG, as well as Lucas, Henry and Wood Counties to develop the best overall plan to improve transportation in this important corridor.

This "fact sheet" will provide you with some background information about US 24 and about the work that will be included in this study. It will be followed by a series of newsletters to update you on the progress of the study. Public involvement will be key to determining the best solution to the problems along this corridor. Please read the "Get Involved" section of this fact sheet to find out about the ways you can get involved.

A Review of the US 24 Corridor

The Importance of US 24   US 24 has long been an important transportation corridor from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Toledo, Ohio. Historically this highway has played an important role in the efficient movement of people and goods, both to and from Northwest Ohio.

The corridor continues to be important to the economic growth of the region.

The Current Condition   US 24 was not built to carry the amount or type of traffic currently utilizing the highway. As a result, less desirable conditions now exist for those who live, work and travel through the corridor.

  • Traffic accidents have increased significantly.
  • Traffic volume has increased 13% per year since 1994, and will undoubtedly increase as development to the southwest of the City of Toledo continues.
  • Between 1990 and 1997, truck volume has increased 128%, and is now as high as 40% of the total traffic volume in some locations.

Issues Ahead   As mentioned earlier, improvements to US 24 have been debated for decades. While most interested parties understand the very real need to make improvements to US 24, many issues and concerns raised in the past remain.

  • The communities and environment along the US 24 corridor are historically significant, and any improvement must keep impacts to a minimum.
  • Farmland impacts are a major concern.
  • Rapidly increasing residential and commercial developments will further limit the options available for long-term solutions in the US 24 corridor.

The study team is well aware of these concerns. The goal will be to develop the most responsive and responsible alternatives, with the least amount of impacts.

The Next Step

The study team will initially conduct public open house meetings to solicit information from the public on the transportation problems between Napoleon and Toledo, and to present preliminary alternative corridors for consideration. These meetings will take place in early spring and notices will be mailed to those interested parties on the mailing list as well as to the media, key organizations and governmental entities.

Remember, throughout the entire study, your input is encouraged and welcomed! 

What Will The Study Accomplish?

The ultimate product of study will be the selection of a preferred alternative that will relieve present and anticipated congestion between Napoleon and Toledo, reduce safety study area map buttonproblems, and improve the economic vitality of interstate commerce within the region. Several alternatives will be developed and analyzed through the course of the study. Impacts to noise, air quality, cultural resources, residential and commercial properties, prime farmland and the natural environment will be carefully examined. This environmental documentation will be a critical step in obtaining future state and federal funding for any improvements to US 24. (See study area map)

Get Involved!

The public's involvement is important to a corridor study. Technical data quantifying the problems and needs along the corridor will be complemented with information obtained from those who live, work or travel through this corridor. As the study progresses, public involvement in the development and evaluation of alternatives will be essential. Involvement from the public will ensure a plan is developed for the US 24 corridor that will strike an appropriate balance between improvement of the transportation infrastructure and protection of the social, cultural, and natural environments. To encourage the public's involvement, several avenues of two-way communication with the study team have been established.

How to Reach Us

CALL 1-877-487-5849 with any questions you may have or to provide information and comments.

Mailing List -- Meeting notices, newsletters and other information will be sent to everyone on the mailing list. If you received a "Fact Sheet" with your name on the mailing label you are already on the list. Otherwise, call the hotline to request to be added to the list. If you would like to provide information in writing to the study team, correspondence should be addressed as follows:

Ms. Denise Zerillo
Public Involvement Manager
Sverdrup Associates, Inc.
50 W. Broad Street, Suite 1700
Columbus, OH 43215

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