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June 2005 Update
In response to the publics' questions about local road at-grade intersections at the public hearing, the new U.S. 24 facility has been changed from an expressway design to a freeway design. At-grade intersections have been replaced with overpasses that can be seen on a map provided in this newsletter.

August 2003 Update
The preferred alignment has been set and this newsletter contains a map of the alignment and tells you where you can go to view a detailed map. It also explains how ODOT plans to respond to the publics’ questions about local road access. 

October 2002 Update
This newsletter provides information about the November 6, 2002 public meeting and background on the refinements made to the preferred alternatives.

April 2001 Update
This publication provides an update of recent activities.

September 2000 Update
This publication provides an update of recent activities.

February 2000 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
This publication duplicated questions and answers which appear on the FAQ page of this Web site. The FAQ was put in the newsletter format and several copies were mailed to over thirty key elected officials and organizations to assist them in answering questions that were being asked about the US 24 project.

September 1999 Update
Read a summary of the survey results from the public meetings. Find out what issues and concerns were shared with study team members. Get answers to some questions you may have.

May 1999 Update
This publication provides an update of progress on the US 24 study and announces the first public meeting.

February 1999 Fact Sheet
This publication will provide you with a brief background of the US 24 study, outline the goals of the study, and highlight some of the expected issues.