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Capital Programs

Administrator, Matt Walter, P.E., P.S., (419) 207-7047
Administrative Assistant, Jennifer Thebeault, (419) 207-7173
The Planning & Engineering department is where projects are planned based on road and bridge condition data, input from Highway Management and requests from other governmental agencies. All studies and preliminary engineering are performed in this area.

During the project initiation, all affected entities are involved in the project scoping process. These groups would include other ODOT work units, local public agencies, metropolitan planning organizations and others. Projects are then prioritized based on need and funding capabilities for the incorporation into the annual work plan. The annual work plan is utilized to develop the district Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), a key component of the department’s four year federally-approved State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).
Next, contract plans are delivered from the planning stage to the construction stage. Depending upon schedule, work load and complexity, it is determined whether the plans should be performed internally or via a consultant under contract to ODOT. In addition, this department assists with preliminary design and works with Highway Management for technical assistance during construction activities and maintenance work.

The following areas are included in Transportation Planning & Engineering:
The Environmental section ensures environmental compliance for virtually all of the District's projects.
Traffic Planning performs several different types of studies such as speed studies, intersection studies for lane additions and traffic signal warrants, interchange justification studies, high accident location studies, commercial permit reviews.
The Bridge section is responsible for the annual inspection of the district’s nearly 1,400 bridges, as required by law.
The Permits section is responsible for Residential Access Permits, Commercial Access Permits, and Special Hauling Permits.
Local Projects administers the Federal Highway Administration's federal funding programs.
The Plan Design and Review section administers contracts for the Department's design consultants and is responsible for completing construction plans for various types of roadway and bridge projects.
Survey gathers and sets alignment information and provides the In-House Design Section with full topographic surveys.
The Real Estate section is comprised of the utility relocation coordination and right-of-way sections. It also includes property acquisition for a project, property appraisal, purchase, and may include legal proceedings.
The District Projects section determines District 3's yearly pavement program by assessing Pavement Condition Ratings (PCR) as well as field reviews to identify deficiencies and develop the pavement program. This section is also responsible for the multi-lane/two-lane resurfacing program and maintaining the pavement management system.