Who to Call

It is sometimes difficult to know who to contact when you have an important question. Listed below are some key topics that we frequently receive calls about. If you have questions about an area not listed below, do not hesitate to contact the ODOT District 3 Communications Office at (800) 276-4188, ext. 7181.  


 Permits, Special Hauling & Residential Louis Tumblin, (419) 207-7050
 Adopt-A-Highway Program Sonya Riley, (419) 207-7160
 Accident & Damage Claims Pam Hunt, (419) 207-7093
 Pothole Reporting on State System Lisa Pawlikowski, (419) 207-7010
 Road Closures & Map Requests Public Information, (419) 207-7182
 Public Records Requests Judy Plato, (419) 207-7001
 Real Estate/Right-of-Way Plans Beth Sanders, (419) 207-7056
 Traffic Signal Outage Matt Blankenship, (419) 207-7045


Still not sure? View the department directory for additional phone numbers. ​