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​Lorain US 20 Major Rehabilitation

ODOT and the City of North Ridgeville, are working together on the major rehabilitation of US 20. The 2.32 mile project, that stretches from Stoney Ridge Road to Lear Nagle Road, will begin in 2018.

  • Roadway reconstruction and widening from 3 lanes to 5 lanes
  • Constructing a new 10ft shared-use path
  • New storm sewers and water lines 
  • New sidewalks with new curb and gutter throughout the project
  • Upgrading the traffic signals and signage along the corridor
  • Two bridge replacements: US 20 over French Creek and Root Road over French Creek
  • Adding detention basins for storm water control

The 2018 season will include work east of Jaycox Road with the exception of the structure on US 20 over French Creek. The Jaycox Road intersection, the shared-use path, and all side roads east of Jaycox Road, will be completed. 

The 2019 season will include work west of Jaycox Road. This will include the intersections of Stoney Ridge Road, State Route 83, and Root Road. Each of these intersections will have their own phasing due to the size and complexity of the intersections. 

All work on the east end of the project, with the exception of the structure over French Creek, will be completed before work begins on the west end.​ US 20 will have at least one lane of traffic maintained in each direction at all times. The current 35 mph speed limit will remain in effect during the project. Business access will be maintained throughout the project.


US 20.png

 Business Meeting Information


Cost: $26.8 Million

Contractor: Fechko

Start Construction: April 2018

End Construction: 2020


 Traffic Impacts


​US Route 20

Center Ridge Road-East of Jaycox.
  • The driveway apron grading, forming, and concrete pouring crew is anticipated to continue work
  • Please keep in mind that driveway access will either be formed in halves or if there are multiple access then the whole drive will be formed 
  • Once the concrete is out of cure (cure time is up to 7 days) then the driveway will reopen and the other half will be formed
  • Driveways may be temporarly closed or have restricted access
  • Street light foundations are being installed on the north side of the raod behind the curb
Center Ridge Road - West of SR 83 ***UPDATE***
  • Due to weather the week of 11/11, asphalt paving the right-hand turn lane is scheduled for the week of 11/18
  • Striping is currently being scheduled
Lear Nagle Road
  • Finish the intermediate course of asphalt paving
  • Striping and traffic is tentatively scheduled to be shifted 11/21
Wallace Blvd ***UPDATE***
  • Wallace Blvd is now open to traffic
  • Back filling and working on driveways will continue
Root Rd.
  • The deck has been poured and the approach slabs are being formed and poured
  • Finish grading on the north and south side of the bridge and start to install the curb
  • The following “Continue south to Root Rd on Green” sign has put up heading south on Ridgeview Blvd. 
    • In addition, the orange barrels have been widen out on the southeast corner to accommodate crossing traffic and making the left turn from Center Ridge Rd onto Root Rd easier.
  • Additional changes (UPDATED –  As of 10/30), dotted lines were added to help with the delineation of the intersection and “do not block intersection” signs have been added. 
    • ​The single 3 lighted signal head with the arrow for Root Rd heading west on Center Ridge Road HAS BEEN changed out and replaced with a 5 lighted signal head. 
    • Timing of the signals will be extended to help clear the intersection are still to come and we will continue to monitor the intersection and will make additional changes as situation’s come up.  
Marc’s/USPS Entrance ***UPDATE***
  • Due to weather the week of 11/11, asphalt paving is scheduled next week
  • Once the pavement can be driven on it will be reopened and the easter drive will then close permanently 
Due to work at the SR 83 and Center Ridge Rd. intersection, ODOT and the City of North Ridgeville would like to ask those businesses that have deliveries using semi-tractor trailers to advise them of the construction adn if possible find an alternative route. We realize that at times it may be unavoidable. Our goal is to try and relieve the possible delays during peak hours. Traffic lanes have been shortened to 10 ft. lanes and semi-tractor trailers may find it difficult to make the turns. We appreciate anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. 
​​Please use caution and patience while driving through the work zone. 

Expect minor delays and/or a change in traffic pattern including temporary closures at intersecting crossing streets and/or entrances from the work described.​  

Since work has picked up, we have also notice the same goes for our pedestrian traffic as well. For anyone or if you know of anyone that utilizes the construction zone as walk way/bike path, FOR YOUR SAFETY AND FOR THE SAFTY OF THE WORKERS WE ASK THAT YOU PLEASE FIND AN ALTERNATIVE ROUTE! We understand that there are not many options, however, with dump trucks loading and unloading, coming in and out of the work zone, heavy equipment backing up and swinging their boom with limited visibility can make for a very dangerous area to be in and we do not want to see anyone get hurt. So we respectfully ask that you please find an alternative route. Everyone on the project thanks you. 

Expect minor delays throughout the day. Please be advised to use caution while traveling throughout the corridor as there will be trucks and equipment entering and exiting the work zones. To help ensure the safety of the construction workers as well as the traveling public, motorists should remain alert, reduce their speed and watch for stopped traffic while passing by the work zone.       



“The environmental review, consultation, and other actions required by applicable Federal environmental laws for this project are being, or have been, carried-out by ODOT pursuant to 23 U.S.C. 327 and a Memorandum of Understanding dated December 11, 2015, and executed by FHWA and ODOT.”​