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$3 Billion Over Six Years

The Ohio Jobs and Transportation Plan

Gov. John R. Kasich’s Jobs and Transportation plan injects nearly $3 billion in state, local and federal, and Turnpike money into 41 transportation projects across the state. These needed funds erase delays and accelerate most construction projects by more than 10 years.



 Northcentral Ohio Projects


State Route 57, Lorain County
This project will modify the existing State Route 57 interchange with Interstate 90 in the City of Elyria as well as remove the existing 49th Street bridge over SR 58. SR 57 will be widened to six lanes between the Ohio Turnpike and I-90, and Midway Mall Boulevard will also be widened. The SR 57 and I-90 interchange will be converted to a full diamond interchange with signals.*

Estimated Cost:  $22 Million
Estimated Start Date: June 2014
Estimated Completion: July 2016

US Route 250, Erie County
The project would improve the US Route 250 Corridor from Perkins Avenue to Strub Road by upgrading the existing traffic signals and adding turn lanes where needed. A five-foot sidewalk will also be added in needed areas. Additional lanes on the State Route 2 interchange will be installed. New alignment of US 250 at Bay winds/Park Place south intersection.*

More information on this project as it progresses can be found here.

Estimated Cost: $13 Million
Estimated Start Date: May 2015
Estimated Completion: September 2016

US Route 42, Medina County
The project will widen US 42 to five lanes from Harding Street to Fenn Road in the City of Medina, including intersection improvements and sidewalk installations.

More information on this project, including a project map overview, can be found here.

Estimated Cost: $27.1 Million
Estimated Start Date: August 2016
Estimated Completion Date: October 2017

US Route 20, Lorain County
The project will widen US 20 (Center Ridge Road) to five lanes from Stoney Ridge Road to Lear Nagle Road in the City of North Ridgeville. The project will re-align Root Road and Ridgeview Boulevard, as well as replace the two structures carrying US 20 and Root Road over French Creek. Additional side road improvements will be made.

Documents from the recent US 20 public meeting can be viewed at this link.

Estimated Cost: $31.5 Million
Estimated Start Date: March 2017
Estimated Completion Date: October 2018

State Route 18, Medina County
The project will widen SR 18 to five lanes between Foote Road and River Styx Road; from River Styx to Nettleton Road, SR 18 will be widened to seven lanes. A public meeting for this project was recently held, and additional details can be found here.

Estimated Cost: $18.2 Million
Estimated Start Date: April 2019
Estimated Completion Date:  October 2020

*Denotes the project will receive money as a result of the Turnpike bonding as part of the Governor's Jobs & Transportation Plan.  




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