No Parking Zones

Section 4511.68 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) establishes certain parking prohibitions. Section 5E-2 of the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (OMUTCD) indicates that additional restrictions and prohibitions may be established by the legislative bodies of local government, provided that such local legislation does not conflict with the provision of the ORC. Special legal authority is required to establish parking controls at any type of location not covered under existing laws. For rural state highways, these Parking Control Zones must be authorized by the Director.

The Ohio Revised Code states locations where no parking is permitted. If there is a need to establish a no parking zone other than stated in the Ohio Revised code then a study must be performed. The study must be performed to determine if the parked vehicles are creating a potential unsafe/hazardous situation. If the study is approved then the No Parking zone is established.

Parking Control Zones

ODOT-Maintained Highways

All proposals for establishment of Parking Control Zones on the ODOT-maintained highways are documented with the appropriate engineering study as outlined in Part 5 of the OMUTCD and Section VI.

Once a determination has been made to establish a Parking Control Zone, the District forwards the parking control proposal to the appropriate District Office of the Ohio State Patrol (OSP) for review and comment.

Following resolution of the OSP comments, if any, the District prepares a description of the Parking Control Zone for the Director's approval using the No-Parking Restriction form.

Following approval, the District erects the appropriate Parking Control signs, records the dates on the description, and notifies the OSP and other law enforcement agencies as appropriate.

Local Roads

ODOT has no responsibility for Parking Control Zones on local roads.

Requesting a No Parking Zone on a State Highway

A request for a no parking zone can be initiated from within ODOT, a local government, public official, or a citizen. Contact Jeremy Adato at 800-276-4188 ext. 7186.