Safety Studies

The Ohio Department of Transportation has established the Highway Safety Program to create a process which emphasizes safety of the traveling public by analyzing the crash statistics on Ohio's state and local highway system. The Department utilizes the Highway Safety Program's High Crash Location Identification System (HCLIS) to identify intersections and highway sections with high incidents of crashes on the rural state highway system. Each of the twelve District Safety Review Teams (DSRT) develop a safety annual work plan (SAWP). In addition, the Districts perform engineering studies to determine the cause of crashes at locations. The DSRT strives to identify safety deficiencies and recommend countermeasures to reduce the severity, frequency and rate of crashes.

Safety projects are not limited to the state highway system. Proposed local projects on public roads are also evaluated and prioritized to improve safety through better operation of the existing highway facilities as outlined in the application and selection process.

Upon recommendation from the District Safety Review Teams, eligible projects are evaluated and priorities are established based on uniform and objective criteria. Projects which contribute most to improving safety and reducing the severity, frequency and rate of crashes are considered for funding and further development. Annually, a listing of all newly approved safety projects is produced.

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