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 District Design Engineer:

Oversee section and work to improve coordination amongst other departments.
​Tom Powell, P.E.​District Design Engineer;​ District Geotechnical Engineer​​ 330-786-4834

 In‐House Design:

Responsible for the design of the following projects: yearly maintenance,  two lane pavement, signing, mill/fill  four lane, bridge re‐decking, bridge painting, design/build and geotechnical issues.
Lauren Phillis, P.E.​​Design Engineer​330-786-4841
Matt Chaney P.E.Design Engineer​330-786-4838​
Michelle StipetichDesign Engineer330-786-2267
​Bob Baughman​Transportation Technician​330-786-4802
​Nick Chaney​EIT​330-786-4858
John Drsek "JD"Design Engineer​330-786-4925


Provide and/or verify all alignment control for highway projects. Assist other departments with staking of right of way. Work with construction to verify as built sections.
​Pete Trivelli, P.S.​Survey Operations Manager​330-786-4842
​Brian Meade, P.S.​Survey Operations Supervisor​330-786-4827
​Rudy Rickert, P.S.​Surveyor​330-786-4835
​Paul Milinkovich​Survey Technician​330-786-4830
Mike Schiavone​​Survey Technician​330-786-4837
​Sam JankaSurvey Technician​330-786-4816​