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 District Design Engineer:

Oversee section and work to improve coordination amongst other departments.
Chad Root​District Design Engineer​ 330-786-4846

 In‐House Design:

Responsible for the design of the following projects: yearly maintenance,  two lane pavement, signing, mill/fill  four lane, bridge re‐decking, bridge painting, design/build and geotechnical issues.
Doug YardIn-House Design Manager 330-786-4846
Mark AndrasikTransportation Engineer330-786-4812
Rebecca BisesiTransportation Engineer330-786-2244
Craig ReesTransportation Engineer330-786-2247
Peter DinhTransportation Engineer330-786-3132
Brian RossTransportation Engineer 330-786-2254
Tyler SovizralTransportation Engineer
Matt ChaneyTransportation Engineer​330-786-4838​
​Bob Baughman​Transportation Technician​330-786-4802