Tow Plow swings into action on Portage County Roads
Motorists in Portage County will see the Tow Plow in action during the upcoming snow and ice event on I-76 and SR 43. ODOT District 4 would like to remind motorists that both lanes of the road will be blocked by the plow truck and tow plow while traveling well below the posted speed limit. By using this new piece of equipment, two lanes of traffic can be plowed in one pass.
If you are interested in seeing the Tow Plow in use please contact the Public Information Office with the below information to schedule a visit.
On the Tow Plow that will be used in Portage County, there will be a salt hopper capable of holding six tons of salt or bagged calcium chloride. In addition a 250-gallon brine tank on the Tow plow will spread salt brine on the second lane from the tow plow. The truck that will be pulling the Tow Plow is a 410 horsepower tandem which will have a salt hopper capable of holding ten tons of salt and two saddle tanks capable of holding 300 gallons of salt brine or liquid calcium. Hydraulic controls have been added to the Western Star truck which will allow the driver to swing the Tow Plow to the left or to the right behind the truck, and also to raise and drop the plow. The ODOT tandem truck comes equipped with several cameras which will help the driver monitor the Tow Plow and the amount of materials remaining in its hopper.
The Tow Plow’s greatest advantage is the ability to clear two lanes of pavement at one time, reducing fuel costs and allowing one driver to complete work that would normally require two.  The driver can plow the shoulder while plowing one driving lane or the driver can plow two driving lanes simultaneously.
Motorists are reminded to take it slow during snow and ice conditions also, giving themselves more time to get to their destination, especially if traveling behind the Tow Plow. Don’t Crowd the Plow giving the operators enough space to work efficiently.