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July 26 2018 Public Hearing Presentation STA-62-24.05 PID 100824.pdf
2025 KB
ODOT Finding of No Significant Impact.pdf
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Project Update Newsletter December 2018 STA-62-24.05 PID 100824.pdf
655 KB
Public Hearing Comment Form.pdf
65 KB
Public Hearing Exhibits.pdf
11267 KB
Public Hearing Notification.pdf
232 KB
Public Hearing Open-Mic Speaker Registration.pdf
33 KB
Public Hearing Press Release 6-26-2018.pdf
337 KB
Public Hearing Press Release 7-9-2018.pdf
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Public Hearing Project Comment Guidelines.pdf
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Public Hearing Summary Report STA-62-24.05 PID 100824.pdf
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STA-US62-24.05 (PID 100824) Environmental Assessment.pdf
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STA-US62-24.05 (PID 100824) Public Hearing Handout.pdf
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US Route 62 Feasibility Study.pdf
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