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Interstate 70 / Buckeye Lake Alternate Route Planning


The Ohio Department of Transportation partnered with the Village of Hebron, local law enforcement, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, community leaders, and locals to create and agree upon a plan in the event of flooding on Interstate 70 near the Village of Buckeye Lake. Included in the plan are improved communications and alternative routes for traffic. These details will keep motorists traveling to their destinations. Below are the alternative route maps created. In the event of a flooding these plans will be the new practice of maintaining safe travel for motorists and all involved.



 Flood Plan I-70

I-70FloodingAlternateRoute12Nov2008-play 3_mod.pdfI-70FloodingAlternateRoute12Nov2008-play 3_mod
I-70FloodingAlternateRoute12Nov2008-play 2_mod.pdfI-70FloodingAlternateRoute12Nov2008-play 2_mod
I-70FloodingAlternateRoute12Nov2008-play 1_mod.pdfI-70FloodingAlternateRoute12Nov2008-play 1_mod
Buckeye Lake I-70 Detour with flood warning slides.pdfBuckeye Lake I-70 Detour with flood warning slides
Overview Plan.pdfOverview Plan
Scripted Messages.pdfScripted Messages