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The District 6 Office of Environmental Services (OES) is a sub-section of the Planning and Engineering Department. This office is responsible for ensuring that federally-funded transportation projects undertaken within District 6 comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and other applicable federal, state and local environmental laws.​​​*

*The environmental review, consultation and other actions required by applicable Federal environmental laws for these projects are being, or have been, carried out by ODOT pursuant to 23 U.S.C. 327 and a Memorandum of Understanding dated 12/11/2015, and executed by FHWA and ODOT.​


 Contact Information

District 6 Environmental
(740) 833-8186
The Ohio Department of Transportation, District 6
400 E. William Street
Delaware, OH  43015​


The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) is the federal environmental legislation that drives OES act​ivities. Although there is state legislation, other federal legislation, federal and state guidance,​ policies and procedures that we adhere to, NEPA is the legislation all other legislation follows​.

 Floodplain Notice - Statement of Findings

PID 106653 - Morrow CR 11 - Floodplain Impacts.pdfPID 106653 - Morrow CR 11 - Floodplain ImpactsWhetstone Creek, Big Run8/14/2020
Floodplain SSMF.pdfFloodplain SSMF11/18/2019
PID 106406 FRA-104 Floodplain_Statement.pdfPID 106406 FRA-104 Floodplain_StatementScioto River8/7/2019
PIC-23-10.23_Floodplain_Statement_final.pdfPIC-23-10.23_Floodplain_Statement_finalScioto River7/30/2019
Floodplain_Statement Paint Creek.pdfFloodplain_Statement Paint CreekPaint Creek7/30/2019
Floodplain Impacts for PIC-188-0.22 PID 96270.pdfFloodplain Impacts for PIC-188-0.22 PID 96270Hargus Creek5/29/2019
Floodplain Impacts - DEL 315 Olentangy River.pdfFloodplain Impacts - DEL 315 Olentangy RiverOlentangy River Delaware County Special Flood Hazard Area Zone AE2/13/2019
FRA-CR17-4.96 Morse Road PID 106390.pdfFRA-CR17-4.96 Morse Road PID 106390Big Walnut Creek1/28/2019
FRA SR 315 Culvert Rehab.pdfFRA SR 315 Culvert RehabSpecial Flood Hazard Area Zone AE11/29/2018
Floodplain Impacts Scioto and Olentangy 99733.pdfFloodplain Impacts Scioto and Olentangy 99733Scioto River and Olentangy River5/16/2018
PID 102577 MAD-62-2.79 - Summary of Floodplain Impacts.pdfPID 102577 MAD-62-2.79 - Summary of Floodplain ImpactsDeer Creek5/11/2018
MAD-70-8.62 PID 107109.pdfMAD-70-8.62 PID 107109Little Darby Creek; Big Darby Creek4/27/2018
UNI-CR340B-2.46 PID 99912.pdfUNI-CR340B-2.46 PID 99912Rush Creek2/28/2018
UNI-TR308A-0.57 Bridge Replacement PID 99910.pdfUNI-TR308A-0.57 Bridge Replacement PID 99910Bokes Creek2/22/2018
FRA-Johnstown Road - Alum Creek Trail PID 99828.pdfFRA-Johnstown Road - Alum Creek Trail PID 99828Alum Creek2/5/2018
FRA-Cosgray Road Extension PID 90989,pdf.pdfFRA-Cosgray Road Extension PID 90989,pdfClover Groff Stream Ditch1/19/2018
FRA Olentangy Trail Extension PID 99533.pdfFRA Olentangy Trail Extension PID 99533Floodplain associated with the Olentangy River10/4/2017
MAR-23-16.75_18.15 PID 104811.pdfMAR-23-16.75_18.15 PID 104811Little Scioto10/3/2017
MAD-PIC IR 71 4.56-0.00 PID 25596.PDFMAD-PIC IR 71 4.56-0.00 PID 25596Mud Run at I-715/12/2017
MAD-71-6.68-8.74 PID 102050.pdfMAD-71-6.68-8.74 PID 102050Bradford Creek and Deer Creek5/12/2017
FRA -71-0.00 PID 93496.pdfFRA -71-0.00 PID 93496Big Darby Creek3/15/2017
DEL - Delaware State Park PID 103842.pdfDEL - Delaware State Park PID 103842Delaware Lake3/14/2017
FRA - 71-9.71 Part 2 PID 104799.pdfFRA - 71-9.71 Part 2 PID 104799Brown Run12/28/2016
MRW-CR 15- 5.01 - PID 99792.pdfMRW-CR 15- 5.01 - PID 99792Big Walnut Creek9/22/2016
FRA-270-35.41 PID 102815.pdfFRA-270-35.41 PID 102815Big Walnut Creek8/2/2016
UNI-SR 4-17.26 - PID 86211.pdfUNI-SR 4-17.26 - PID 86211Clevenger Ditch7/26/2016
FRA-Tuttle Crossing Blvd-Extension – PID 99815.pdfFRA-Tuttle Crossing Blvd-Extension – PID 99815Cramer Ditch6/10/2016
108702 FRA Etna-Elburn.pdf108702 FRA Etna-Elburn