Public Comments Requested Regarding Upcoming Project
As part of the project development process the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) regularly conducts public involvement with residents, property owners and other interested parties.  This letter is intended to inform such individuals that the Ohio Department of Transportation is currently developing a project that will rehabilitate the pavement and add one through lane in each direction to Interstate 71 from south of State Route 665 to Stringtown Road in Franklin County. The northbound exit ramp and southbound entrance ramp at the Stringtown Road interchange will be improved. There will be no changes to the recently redesigned State Route 665 interchange. The structures over White Road will be rehabilitated along with other culvert structures in the project area.

The proposed project is located on the southwest side of the Columbus metropolitan area, the project area is combination of unincorporated land and within the city of Grove City. It is a developing suburban area.

The purpose of this project is to improve Interstate 71 from the State Route 665 interchange to the Interstate 270 interchange to provide suitable pavement, maintain adequate Level of Service (LOS) and increase s
afety in the corridor for projected traffic volumes.  Construction is anticipated to take place in late 2015.
At this time, no right-of-way acquisition is anticipated for this project.  If through further design it is determined that additional right-of-way is needed, impacts will be kept to a minimum and you will be contacted by an ODOT representative and/or their consultant prior to construction activities. 
MOT will include part-width construction. All ramps will remain open throughout construction.  Prior to construction, advanced notification will be provided to inform roadway users about the anticipated dates of construction.
Any questions and/or comments are requested by September 26, 2014. 
All written responses should be sent to:
Ohio Department pf Transportation, District 6
400 East William Street
Delaware, OH 43015
Attention: Amy Turner, Environmental Specialist

You may also respond via phone with questions and/or comments to ODOT Project Manager Becky Wagner at (740) 833-8183 or Amy Turner at (740) 833-8240.