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A recent study by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources estimates the total annual roadside litter in Ohio is 11,772 tons. ODOT spent $10 million in total costs last year addressing the problem statewide. The total costs in District 6 were $2,127,646. But litter is more than an ugly nuisance; ODOT must divert employees from highway maintenance and construction projects to pick it up.

Use the form below to report litter, or follow this link for the county outpost phone numbers, U.S. mail and email addresses.

To report litter using the form, select the county in which the litter is located, and fill in your name and email address (if you have one). Fill in as much detail as possible about the litter's exact location in the “Location of Litter” box.

Report litter on Interstate, U.S., and state Routes (except Interstate, U.S., and state Routes inside city limits) to the appropriate county. To report litter within Columbus' city limits, email the city of Columbus.


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