For Immediate Release
July 25, 2014
New Ramp Configuration at I-270/US 23 on the South Side
Coming Tonight
Interstate 270/US Route 23 – (NEW) Starting at 7 p.m. tonight, crews will work to reconfigure the ramps at I-270 west and US 23 on the South Side of Columbus. This new configuration will allow the contractor to continue bridge work on I-270 and rebuild the ramp from I-270 west to US 23 south.
By 5 a.m. tomorrow morning, I-270 west traffic going to US 23 south will use a new temporary ramp that is just beyond the existing ramp.
Drivers will also notice changes as they access the interstate. US 23 south traffic will now have to come to a complete stop before merging onto the ramp to I-270 west. That’s because US 23 northbound traffic has the right-of-way on the ramp.
After both directions of US 23 merge into one lane, drivers will also notice the pavement has been lengthened to allow drivers to make an easier and smoother transition from US 23 to I-270 west.
These new traffic patterns are illustrated below.
Ramp Changes-01.jpg
Crews will work overnight to make the changes.
Starting at 7 p.m., the following ramps will close:
·         US 23 north to I-270 west
Detour: US 23 north to I-270 east to Alum Creek Drive to I-270 west
·         US 23 south to I-270 west
Detour: US 23 south to SR 665 west to SR 104 north to I-71 south to I-270 west
·         I-270 west to US 23 north and south
Detour: I-270 west to US 62 to I-270 east to US 23 north or south
All ramps will be open in their new configuration by 5 a.m. Saturday.
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