Litter Costs the State Millions


  • Each year, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is forced to pull skilled workers off highway repairs to clean other people’s trash.
  • ODOT spends nearly $4 million each year on litter pickup…a preventable problem. That money could be used to:
o   Install 160 culverts, or
o   Pave a 28-mile, two-lane road, or
o   Purchase 27 new snowplow trucks
  • In 2013, ODOT alone picked up 371,500 bags of litter.
  • Here in District 6, ODOT crews picked up nearly 38,000 bags of trash in 2013 at a cost of more than $450,000.
  • Ohio relies on its 1,400 Adopt-A-Highway groups – at least one in each of Ohio’s 88 counties to aid in litter pickup.
  • Each Adopt-A-Highway group volunteers to clean up a two-mile section, or interchange, and pick up litter and debris a minimum of four times a year for two years. On average, Adopt-A-Volunteers pick up 25,000 bags of trash saving ODOT $280,000.
  • Most litter collects along the highways in one of two ways: 1) People intentionally throw trash from their cars, or 2) Trash falls from trucks whose loads have not been properly secured.

Pictured above: Crews picking litter along I-71 near Hudson Street in Franklin County this morning.