Rain or Shine, Snow or Sleet, ODOT Delivers 
New Bike and Multi-Use Path Opens despite the forecast
Columbus (Friday, December 6, 2013)Just like the U.S. Postal Service and its promise to deliver rain or shine, snow or sleet, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) delivered today when it connected another section of the 333-mile Ohio to Erie Trail. The trail runs from Cleveland to Cincinnati through Columbus.
The multi-use path, roughly ¾’s of a mile in length, spans the Scioto River in Columbus in two locations between Grandview Avenue and Dublin Road. Despite overnight freezing rain, ice and snow flurries, ODOT officially opened the path just before noon today.
“Ice and Snow removal is not our only signature service. We build connections," said Ferzan M. Ahmed, ODOT District 6 Deputy Director. “This path is proof ODOT is committed to improving safe travel and healthy lifestyles for all Ohioans.”
Before this path was constructed, cyclists had to get off the bike path, get on busy Dublin Road, a four-lane route used by cars, buses and trucks. Now that it’s open, cyclists and pedestrians will have a safer route to and from downtown Columbus.
“The Scioto Trail Connector is a vital link to the 333 mile Ohio to Erie Trail,” said Jerry Rampelt, Executive Director to the Ohio Erie Trail Fund. “The trail from Cincinnati to Cleveland is 88% constructed and is the longest, paved off road trail in the United States.”
Construction of the $4.3 million multi-use path began last year. An extra-large crane was needed to transport the 150 foot long concrete beams that were used on both bridges on the path. Each beam weighs almost tons. It took eight flatbed trailers to get the special crane on site.
The asphalt path is 10 feet wide and has wrought iron fence on both sides. The tallest point of the path is roughly 23 feet over the Scioto River.