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Modernization of I-75 through Downtown Dayton

 Current Project Updates



All traffic is running on the new southbound structures between Main Street and US 35.  Access to downtown Dayton is still provided at US 35 and Main Street. Traffic will be in this configuration throughout construction of the new northbound lanes. There is a long term left lane closure on the ramp from State Route 4 southbound to I-75 southbound.


The Project is 88% Complete.

For more information scroll down and click on the April 2016 project newsletter.




Reconstruct I-75 between Fifth St. and Riverview Ave.

Replace the various left-sided and right-side ramps with a single, centrally-located interchange for downtown Dayton. The interchange will service movements to and from the following streets:

  • First Street
  • Third Street
  • Salem Avenue
  • Second Street
  • Monument Avenue

 Construction Information



This project began October 8, 2012.

The ramps from I-75 Northbound to First Street and Third Street closed October 15, 2012. These ramps will remain closed.

Expect the First Street and Third Street ramps on the southbound side of the interstate to close in mid November or early December. Please see the detour map below for alternate routes. ​

This is major construction. Motorists are advised to use caution and reduce speed through the work zone.

Arrow boards and signs will be in place prior to the work zone to alert motorists of the upcoming lane closures. Law enforcement will be on site to monitor traffic flow.


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 Project Logistics



  • Sale Date: August 2012
  • Start Date: October 8, 2012
  • Estimated Completion Date: September 2017


  • Construction Cost: $126 million
  • Estimated Overall Cost: $154 million

Project Location

  • I-75 Between Fifth St. and Riverview Ave.

 Project Benefits

  • 3 Continuous Through Lanes on I-75
  • Improved Safety
  • Replace Aging Pavements and Bridges
  • Better Traffic Flow
  • Fewer Incidents and Related Congestion​



Visit OHGO, Your source for Real Time Traffic Updates: for information on lane and road closures caused by construction, incidents, weather or other related traffic events, visit ODOT's gateway to traffic and roadway information.

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 Trail Detours

MOT-75-P2 Trail Detours.pdf
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Detour Description.pdf
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