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District 7 Consultant Contracts
Amy Schmidt - Consultant Contract Manager  (937)  497-6753
Tony Bensman, P.E. - Project Manager (937) 497-6815​
Jon Koester, P.E. - Project Manager (937) 497-6763​
Link to existing plans. for projects in District 7's  September Programmatic:
Consultant Marketing Meetings are scheduled through the Deputy Director's Office. Dates for 2020: April 14, 20 & 30, August 19 & 25, September 1, December 15, 21 & 29. You are limited to one marketing visit per year, although you may call with technical questions regarding a project in the programmatic at any time. If you wish to schedule a marketing meeting, contact Denise Heitkamp at 937-497-6770.  ( The District 7 consultant selection team is the District Deputy Director, Planning and Engineering Administrator and Design Engineer. See District 7 Meet & Greet Letter to Consultants in the Documents section below.
Do you need a permit to work within ODOT's right of-way?  District 7 does not require a consultant working under an ODOT contract, on District 7 projects, to obtain a permit. This applies to any field work within the right-of-way.  You must provide dates for the field work to your District project manager and supply your maintenance of traffic plan early enough that it can be reviewed. When you are closing a lane on the interstate or a US route, your District PM will complete a Traffic Advisory form which is shared with the local media. Other lane closures do not require a Traffic Advisory form, but the District PM will notify the ODOT county manager and  other local agencies regarding the work. Any work within Local jurisdictions must follow local requirements.
OUPS locate app: We seem to have a recurring issue with showing utilties on the plans in the correct location. Please use this new app from OUPS to ensure that utilities have marked PRIOR TO YOUR SURVEY. link to O.U.P.S. APP 
Utility Plots in Color (black/white with Color Highlighted Utility Lines): Use the pen table found in the "Utility Plots in" below for review and coordination purposes. This is not to be used for final plan submission. In Microstation, these can replace the half.pen table as normally used and downloaded from ODOT's CADD website: The pen tables search for keywords in the levels and plot them at the common utility color, while keeping all other levels back/white. Contact your project manager if there are questions.
** Floodplain Coordination ** 
1)      For ODOT projects, a permit by the local floodplain administrator is not required.  The ODOT Self-permit process is required for construction within Zone A or Zone AE.  (L&D Vol. 2 1005.1.4)  Documentation that is needed is also given in this section. 
2)      If a structure is located within a Zone A or AE, a letter of notification (LD-52) should be sent to the local floodplain administrator and provided to the district for documentation.   One important part of this letter is "Please provide your community’s flood zone regulations if they differ from FEMA requirements and forward any questions you may have about the project."
The direct link to the Floodplain Coordinators List is no longer available. The link was broken each time ODNR updated the list because they include the date as part of the file name. Therefore, you'll need to follow this path after clicking on the link:  Publications \ Floodplain Management \ Floodplain Regulations & Officials \ Floodplain Administrators in Ohio List.
Notice: All inbound and outbound emails containing a file with the .zip extension will be blocked effective April 14, 2015.



 Project Manager -- Designer Aids

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Utility Plots in
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