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Trail Resurfacing5/30/2018 6:49 AMTricia Bishop
Bridge Maintenance6/24/2020 7:25 AMTricia Bishop
Bridge Rehabilitation and Removal10/31/2017 7:14 AMTricia Bishop
Bridge Maintenance12/4/2015 1:39 PMTricia Bishop
Bridge Maintenance12/4/2015 1:38 PMTricia Bishop
Bridge Rehabilitation1/16/2019 6:34 AMTricia Bishop
River Corridor Enhancements11/1/2016 10:51 AMTricia Bishop
Bridge Rehabilitation10/11/2016 7:39 AMTricia Bishop
Roadway reconstruction with storm improvements9/18/2017 11:04 AMTricia Bishop
Corridor Improvements9/27/2016 11:01 AMTricia Bishop
Bridge Replacement8/29/2017 1:45 PMTricia Bishop
Resurfacing and Drainage Work on Derr Road5/3/2016 7:01 AMTricia Bishop
Infill Sidewalk on Limestone and Home in Springfield12/3/2019 1:02 PMTricia Bishop
Maintenance of Multi-Use Trails in Springfield3/16/2016 12:24 PMTricia Bishop
Maintenance of Buck Creek, Little Miami and Simon Kenton Trails3/15/2019 12:59 PMTricia Bishop
Bridge Maintenance10/21/2016 10:42 AMTricia Bishop
Bridge Maintenance10/21/2016 7:06 AMTricia Bishop
Bridge Maintenance9/8/2016 11:27 AMTricia Bishop
Bridge Maintenance9/5/2017 1:36 PMTricia Bishop
Bridge Maintenance10/21/2016 8:11 AMTricia Bishop
Bridge Manitenance12/4/2015 1:40 PMTricia Bishop
Bridge Maintenance12/4/2015 1:40 PMTricia Bishop
Bridge Replacement5/30/2018 1:19 PMTricia Bishop
Replacement of Center St Bridge in Versailles3/10/2016 2:06 PMTricia Bishop
9/27/2016 9:01 AMTricia Bishop
Bridge Maintenance5/19/2020 7:57 AMTricia Bishop
Bridge Maintenance11/7/2018 1:39 PMTricia Bishop
Bridge Maintenance12/4/2015 2:35 PMTricia Bishop
Bridge Maintenance12/4/2015 2:34 PMTricia Bishop
Bridge Maintenance12/4/2015 2:35 PMTricia Bishop
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