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District 7 Planning
Ben Wiltheiss, P.E - Planning Engineer

 Planning Engineer


Ben Wiltheiss, P.E. - (937) 497-6784

The District 7 Planner is responsible for the following areas listed below:

  • MPO liaison
  • Consultant Programmatic Selection
  • TRAC
  • District Allocation
  • District Preservation
  • Asset Management
  • Planning Studies
  • Gateway Landscaping
  • Constituent requests and correspondence
  • Estimating
  • Aesthetics
  • Management Analyst Supervisor

 District Environmental Coordinator


Tricia Bishop    (937) 497-6721



 Bridge Engineer


Lee Eilerman P.E. - (937) 497-6775

Is responsible for:

  • Bridge Inspection Program
    • Field Inspection of the bridges in accordance with the NBIS and Department Standards.
    • Reporting of bridge inventory and condition information to the Department (ie. into BMS) in accordance with Department standards and in a timely manner.
    • Installation and maintenance of proper bridge restriction signing for vehicle weight and size, including barricades for closed bridges.
    • Maintenance of bridge inventory and inspections records.
    • Load Rating
  • Program/Planning
    • Prepare scopes and planning proposed bridge work in a six year cycle.
  • Maintenance
    • Work with all 9 Counties and Special Projects on maintenance of bridges within their areas and capabilities.

 Bridge Inspectors



Steve Fry - (937) 497-6764
Geoff Wisse - (937) 497-6495
Jim Heckler - (937) 497-6764
Jon Brandewie - (937) 497-6795



 Pavement Program Engineer


Tom Rossman - (937) 497-6755

  • Evaluating and monitoring the District's pavement system.
  • Establishes the Districts resurfacing program based on system conditions and fiscal constraints.
  • Provides estimates for potential projects.
  • Performs field reviews and project scopes for all programmed resurfacing projects.
  • Assesses pavement and project needs with county managers and district personnel.
  • Constituent requests and correspondence.
  • Provide technical assistance and Project Management for projects with ODNR and Metro Parks.
  • Meets with Cities, Villages, Townships and County Engineer to provide Technical Assistance.

 Traffic Engineer


Mary Hoy P.E. - (937) 497-6838

Is responsible for:

  • Traffic Engineering Studies / Analysis
    • Stop Sign Conformance
    • Traffic Signals
    • No Parking
    • Certified Traffic Coordinator
    • Crash Analysis
    • Rate of Return Analysis
    • Safety Recommendations
    • Project Scope Development
  • District Safety Review Team Chairperson
  • Safe Routes to School Coordinator (SRTS)
  • Permits
  • Crash Analysis & Safety Input for Design Exceptions
  • Highway Capacity Analysis Modeling & Results
  • Safety Project Management & Review
  • Bicycle Pedestriam Coordinator
  • Interchange Justification/Modification Studies
  • Safety Locations
    • Before & After Studies
    • Signing Plans
  • District Contact
    • Ramp Clear Program
    • ORES Preliminary Engineering Task Orders
  • Plan & Program Guide Sign Replacements
  • Fatal Crash Reviews 

 ELLIS Coordinator


Robin Castle - (937) 497-6888

Is responsible for:

  • Program and Fund Capital Projects in Ellis
  • Assist in Direction of District Capital Funding Program by securing funds utilizing various resources and coordinating administrative tasks
  • Report on Budget Percentages keeping District within 20/30/30/20 desired range
  • Develop, review, monitor & recommend budgets for all Transportation Planning and Engineering Areas
  • Conduct budget & cost analysis to prepare fiscal status reports & establish management operating procedures in order to monitor planning & budgeting work processes & assess cost-effectiveness of programs.
  • Implement funding policy and procedures at the District
  • Analyze and evaluate department policies and procedures regarding District Allocation utilizing Ellis to prepare specialized budget reports
  • Create Project Legislation
  • Submit STIP Requests as well as monitor STIP when project funding changes to be certain the information is accurate
  • Request Railroad Encumbrances

 Scoping Engineer


Ben Wiltheiss P.E. - (937) 497-6784

Is responsible for:

  • Field reviews and scoping of all identified maintenance, rehabilitation, or reconstruction needs.
  • Producing preliminary and final construction cost estimates for all projects.
  • Preliminary engineering including defining geometric design parameters, identify worst-case construction limits, identify and determine Right of Way and environmental impacts.
  • Provide technical assistance in setting the commitment schedule for all projects.
  • Incorporate the Project Development Process (PDP) into all projects.
  • Coordinates projects and meeting deadlines for Environmental section.
  • As District Work Plan Coordinator, oversees development & implementation of Annual Work Plan.

 STIP Maps

Auglaize County STIP Map 2018 - 2021
Auglaize Project Description
Champaign County STIP Map 2018 - 2021
Champaign Project Description
Clark County STIP Map 2018 - 2021
Clark Project Description
Logan County STIP Map 2018 - 2021
Logan Project Description
Mercer County STIP Map 2018 - 2021
Mercer Project Description
Miami County STIP Map 2018 - 2021
Miami Project Description
Montgomery County STIP Map 2018 - 2021
Montgomery Project Description
Shelby County STIP Map 2018 - 2021
Shelby Project Description