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General Issues and Utility Issues
 Last updated on January 6, 2012

As Per Plan items

General - This is the number one recurring error: the Designer uses an item extension that does not match the description containing "As Per Plan" or vice versa.

Recommended Action: Designers should check all item codes and descriptions against the current Item Master. Item codes and descriptions must match the Item Master exactly.



Fund Split missing or incorrect

General  - This error occurs when the fund splits are not shown correctly on the General Summary sheet or when "Lump" sum items are not split. If there are any fund splits on a project, all Lump sum items must be split.

Recommended Action: Lump items may be split by percentages. Ask the Project Manager if you are unsure about the fund splits on your project prior to making the Stage 3 submission.



Supplemental Spec 800

General - SS 800 is updated quarterly. Select the correct update by counting 8 weeks back from your sale date (eg, use 10/21/11 for projects selling between December 15, 2011 and February 23, 2012).

Recommended Action: Designers should check with the Project Manager if they are unsure which date to use. The District must verify the date prior to plan file and again if the sale date is changed after the plans file.



ODOT Highway Lighting Utility Conflicts
General - ODOT is a utility when it comes to highway lighting. Frequenlty ODOT is listed in the plans as a utility contract but the location of the underground facility is not shown on the plans. These facilities have been hit during construction and had to be relocated at that time.
Recommended Action: Designers should contact Doug Snider (937) 497-6841, District Traffic Department, for a field locate prior to surveying as they would with any other utility. Show the location of electric circuits on the plans.









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