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 School Bus Stop Ahead Signs




School bus stop ahead signs are used in advance of locations where a school bus stops to pick up / discharge passengers and is not visible to other vehicles for 500 feet. Similarly, school bus turn ahead signs are used prior to locations where a school bus turn-around cannot be seen for 500 feet. This criteria is established by the Ohio Revised Code, and supported by the Traffic Engineering Manual.

Whenever possible, the school bus stop or turn location should be moved to provide the 500 feet of sight distance instead of installing signs.  Moving the stopping or turning location is preferred because drivers are less likely to notice a sign than a bus stopping or turning on the road ahead. Furthermore, drivers do not always react appropriately to warning signs when they see them.

 In order to maximize the impact of these signs, it is important that they are only used at locations where school buses currently stop or turn.  Therefore, it is necessary that these signs be evaluated regularly to determine if they are still needed.  For that reason, District 7 sends letters to each school district on an annual basis asking if existing signs are still needed, and if there are any locations where signs may need to be installed.


 Contact Information


If you know of any signs that should be removed, or a location where signs may be needed, the District Traffic Office will study the location and take the appropriate action.  Requests for sign installations or removals should be sent in letter form to the District Highway Management Traffic Engineer, Justin Yoh, at the following address:

Justin Yoh, P.E.
District Highway Management  Traffic Engineer

ODOT District 7
1001 Saint Marys Avenue
Sidney, Ohio 45365

Phone: (937) 497-6897


Please allow thirty to sixty days for us to study and respond. If sign(s) are to be installed, additional time will be needed for the signs to be ordered and installed.