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 I-75 Mill Creek Expressway Overview


Mill Creek Expressway
12-Phase Project:
Lane addition and resurfacing from the Paddock Road Interchange to the Western Hills Viaduct. It also includes improvements to the interchanges at Hopple St., I-74, Mitchell Ave., Norwood Lateral, and Paddock Rd (Approximately 8 miles).

  • Began: April 2010 – Estimated completion: To be determined.
  • Total Cost: $550 million to $650 million.

 I-75 Mill Creek Expressway Project Phases


Completed - Project Development: Preliminary Engineering, June 2004 - Right of way Acquisition, July 2008.

  • Cost: $10.9 million.


Completed - Phase 1 (PID 82278): Reconstructed the Mitchell Ave. interchange with I-75.

  • Cost: $53.7 million.

Completed - Phase 2 (PID 82282): Replaced the Monmouth St. overpass and converted Monmouth St. to a through street between Colerain Ave. and Central Parkway. The Bates Ave. overpass and the pedestrian bridge over I-75 were removed.

  • Cost: $6.8 million.


Completed - Phase 3 (PID 82284): Realigned the intersection of Colerain/Beekman aves., added new ramp from Beekman Ave. to westbound I-74 creating a full interchange, and eliminated the existing ramps from I-74 to Spring Grove Ave.

  • Cost: $13.3 million.


Completed - Phase 4 (PID 76257): I-75 widening and resurfacing from the Western Hills Viaduct to the Monmouth overpass. It includes reconstruction of the I-75 and Hopple St. interchange and removal of the pedestrian overpass over Central Parkway (Approximately 1.6 miles).

  • Cost: $90.6 million.


Phase 5 A (PID 104667) & B (PID 104668): I-75 widening and resurfacing and reconstruction of the I-74 and I-75 interchange (Approximately 2 miles).

  • Phase 5 A (PID 104667): Widen I-75 to four lanes connecting the impro​vements from the Hopple St. and the Mitchell St. projects. Additional improvements to the connection of eastbound I-74 to I-75.
    • Began: Sept. 2018 – Est. Completion: Sept. 2022.
    • Cost: $86.9 million.
  • Phase 5 B (PID 104668): Reconfigure the southbound I-75 connection to eastbound I-74 and additional improvements to the eastbound I-74 connections to I-75.
    • Begins: summer 2022 – Est Completion: Fall 2024.
    • Cost: $91 million.


Completed - Phase 6 (PID 82283): Replace Indiana Ohio Railway Bridge over I-75 just south of SR 562/Norwood Lateral.

  • Cost: $22 million.


Completed - Phase 7 (PID 82286): I-75 widening and resurfacing between Mitchell Ave. and the SR 562/Norwood Lateral including reconstructing the bridge over Vine St (Approximately 1 mile).

  • Cost: $29 million.


Phase 8 (PID 77889): I-75 widening and resurfacing, rehabilitate existing bridges, reconstruct the SR 562/Norwood Lateral interchange, remove the Towne Ave. interchange, complete minor improvements to the Paddock Road interchange, and tie into the existing SR 126/Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway interchange southern ramps. Project extends from SR 562/Norwood Lateral to SR 126/Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway/Galbraith Rd. area (Approximately 2.25 miles).

  • Begins: Summer 2022 – Est. Completion: Spring 2025.
  • Cost: $121.6 million.


Phase 8a (PID 89835): Replace Seymour Ave. Bridge and reconstruct portions of Paddock Rd. Bridge over I-75. The bridge work is in preparation for I-75 mainline improvements.

  • Began: July 2017 – Completion: Summer 2019
  • Cost: $7.6 million.


Completed - Phase 9 (PID 88234): Building demolition near the Hopple St. interchange in preparation for I-75 mainline construction.

  • Cost: $1.8 million.

 Environmental Documents (PID: 76257)


 Latest I-75 Mill Creek Expressway Release


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