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​Interstate 275 SmartLane
(HAM-275-28.69; PID: 94256)

 What is the I-275 SmartLane Project?

A SmartLane is an additional travel lane that is only open during certain times to relieve heavy periods of congestion or to help with incident management. This innovative design solution and accompanying technology for SmartLanes will help mitigate safety risks on the interstate. 

According to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, SmartLanes help frequently congested freeways by delaying the start of congestion and decreasing the crash rates by increasing the capacity and improving the operating conditions. In addition, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has published the Use of Freeway Shoulders for Travel – Guide for Planning, Evaluating, and Designing Part-Time Shoulder Use as a Traffic Management Strategy, which concludes that there is a link between changes in congestion and changes in the safety performance of a roadway when part-time shoulder use is in operation.

The I-275 SmartLane project will widen the median shoulder on Interstate 275 between U.S. 42 in Hamilton County and S.R. 28 in Clermont County, as well as widen the bridges over the Little Miami River. The median shoulder will serve as the SmartLane when traffic conditions warrant it being opened. The project will also install multiple sign support trusses for the signage needed to enable the use of the SmartLane and dynamic speed control.  The supports will also have cameras and radar to allow traffic monitoring.

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