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Stefan Spinosa, P.E.
Capital Projects Administrator
1-800-831-2142, Ext. 933-6639 or


Participates in the community to determine future transportation needs.  Assesses the state of the existing system and forecasts the state of the system.  Evaluates option and establishes goals to optimize the future state of the transportation system.  Provides assistance to local sponsors in navigating the transportation development process and the Transportation Review Advisory Council application process.  

The District 8 Engineering and Right-of-Way office is responsible for in-house project design and review, consultant contract administration, surveying, traffic and bridge engineering, project right-of-way coordination, right-of-way acquistion and utilities disposition and coordination.



Bridges & Culverts



Department personnel complete annual safety inspection of bridges and perform special inspections of bridges that are damaged by accidents.  We manage consultant inspection contracts of bridges and the Mt. Adams Slope Stability System.  The District's bridge and culvert inventories are also maintained in this section.  We assist the County Managers in implementing the bridge and culvert maintenance program.  Additionally, we develop and maintain the bridge portion of the Annual Work Plan, and create Scope of Services for consultant bridge projects.

Bridge Design

933-6610​ &

Prepares in-house plans for bridge repairs and replacements.  Provides technical assistance to outside agencies and consultants on bridge related issues.

Consultant Administration

Administers ODOT contracts with external consultant engineers for the design of roads and bridges and other infrastructure improvements.  Assists local governments in administering consultant contracts with respect to the use of federal funding. 


The department utilizes an interdisciplinary and scientific staff to guide transportation projects through ODOT's program by preparing and reviewing environmental and planning documents thus insuring compliance with local, state and federal goals, regulations and planning.

Encourage the best management practices throughout our Transportation Development Process by pro-actively working to establish consensus among different transportation interests and stakeholders. Improves the quality of life of our citizens by enhancing and protecting Ohio's natural, social and economic resources through environmental and planning reviews.

Provides technical guidance to locals, consultants, general public and other interests on planning, environmental design, regulations and technical issues.

Provides guidance regarding the status of individual projects and short-range (four years) and long-range (20 years) planning of projects.

Assists in advancing the projects from conception to detail design

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Geotechnical Engineering


Provides technical assistance to in-house designers, consultant designers, construction personnel, maintenance forces, and local governments on issues associated with geotechnical engineering. 


Reviews drainage plans on construction projects and prepares in-house plans for culvert replacements.  Provides technical assistance to the District maintenance forces and construction personnel on hydraulic issues.

Planning & Programming


Each year, the district receives numerous requests from local governments for road improvements. These requests must be balanced with the district's short and long-term transportation goals. Money is also a critical issue. There are not enough funds available to construct every project requested. The Transportation Planning & Programs staff determines where projects fit into the pipeline and how they will be funded. They also monitor the progress of projects through the various stages of development.



Provides right-of-way plans and legal descriptions for interstates, state routes, and U.S. highways within District 8. Coordinates utility relocation required by road and bridge construction. Determines private property that may need to be purchased for road improvements. Forwards these plans to ODOT's Regional Real Estate Office, which begins negotiations for property acquisition.  Maintains the District excess land inventory.

Right of Way Use Permits

Issues permits to utility companies, contractors, and private individuals for work performed on the state's right-of-way. Examples include permits for water main installation, new driveways, and turn lanes. Inspects work to ensure that it is in compliance with ODOT policy.  Issues hauling permits for loads that surpass the legal limits in height, weight, and width.

Roadway Design

Prepares in-house plans for roadway improvements, such as relocations, widening projects, safety upgrades, and resurfacing.

Surveys land for design activities, construction activities, and right-of-way activities.

Traffic & Safety Studies











The Traffic Planning Department is involved in areas regarding the safe and efficient movement of traffic along our vast transportation system, and planning pavement rehabilitation.  Department personnel performs various traffic studies such as: safety studies, speed limit revision studies, signal warrant analysis, no parking studies, highway lighting justification studies, etc. Traffic Planning is also involved in improving the traffic flow by following ODOT's Access Management Guidelines. This requires that we look at each development to determine what improvements the developer must make to mitigate its impact on the highway system, and where the access to the development should be located. This department is responsible for managing the location of the wireless communication tower program in District 8. We work with the communication companies to assure that the locations are adequate and follow our procedures for permits and construction. Additionally, this department is also responsible for the approval of all new sign installations. We evaluate the need, and provide work orders for installation of all new signs. We strive to maintain uniformity in signing so that all drivers are familiar with the intent and meaning of the traffic signs. If signs are uniform, then drivers can readily comprehend the meaning of the sign, and pay better attention to the roadway.

Traffic Planning maintains the pavement condition database.  The database is utilized to develop long and short range plans for pavement rehabilitation treatments.  The department works closely with other district departments to insure that the appropriate treatments are being applied to state routes and interstates.

These efforts help in the safe and efficient movement of traffic along our vast transportation system. 

For general planning and engineering inquiries, please call 933-6614.


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