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ODOT Forms, Manuals, and Drawings
Note: Please allow 30 calendar days (excluding plan revisions) to review and process all submitted permit applications from the date it is received.



 Performance Bond Form
 Permit Application
 Sample Sidewalk Maintenance Agreement
 Landscaping Maintenance Agreement


 Location and Design Manual, Vol1
 Location and Design Manual, Vol2
 Location and Design Manual, Vol3
 Utilities Manual
 Access Management Policy
 Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices
 Traffic Engineering Manual
 Geotechnical Bulletin GB-1
 Specification for Geotechnical Expolration
 Vegetation Removal Policy
 Roadside Safety Landscaping Guidelines


 Standard Construction Drawings, Base Pavement, Fence, Guard Rail, Roadway, Landscaping
 Standard Construction Drawings, Catch Basin, Headwall, Inlet, Manhole, Drainage, Miscellaneous
 Residential Drive Plan
 Recessed Plate Detail
 Drop Off Insert Sheet
 Typical Restoration Detail



Aerobic Systems
Drainage Submittal Checklist
Ohio Logo's /TODD's Signs
Township/City/Village Welcome Signs

Sidewalks  *  It is the policy of the Ohio Department of Transportation not to construct sidewalks in its right of way     except when the unit of government involved will release the State and its authorized agents from any damages or claims of damages. ODOT will not issue sidewalk permits to private individuals or businesses. ODOT will permit sidewalk upon receipt of a completed permit application in the name of the County, or Township, acceptable plans and an executed sidewalk maintenance agreement.