State Transportation Improvement Program

The STIP begins as a compilation of regional Transportation Improvement Programs (TIPs) that are generally adopted every two years by Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), includes rural areas where ODOT is responsible for programming federally funded projects, and evolves into a comprehensive list of all highway and transit projects that propose to use Federal funds. The STIP is required to be updated a minimum of every four years. Federal regulations allow for revisions to the STIP project listings. ODOT initiates STIP revisions on a quarterly basis, and revisions can take the form of Project Scope Changes, Project Funding, Project Additions and Project Deletions.



STIP Overview

District 9 FY2016-2019 STIP Project List

Please click on the links below to view a map of the proposed projects in the respective District 9 county for FY2016-2019.

Adams County Map                            Lawrence County Map

Brown County Map                             Pike County Map

Highland County Map                          Ross County Map

Jackson County Map                           Scioto County Map


ODOT Division of Planning: Statewide STIP

KYOVA Interstate Planning Commission

Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission

District 9 FY2014-2017 STIP Project List

Adams County STIP Map

Lawrence County STIP Map

Brown County STIP Map

Pike County STIP Map

Highland County STIP Map

Ross County STIP Map

Jackson County STIP Map

Scioto County STIP Map