Pothole Claims & Notification
Potholes are a common nuisance, particularly in the late winter and spring months, and they are the direct result of combining water and traffic. If the pothole is on a state-maintained roadway, motorists may report a pothole or damage from a pothole to ODOT. (State maintained roads include all interstates and state and federal routes outside municipalities or in unincorporated municipalities, such as villages or townships.)
To report a pothole on a state or federal route in District 9, please call the appropriate county and give the operator the specific location so he or she can initiate the repair and answer any other questions you may have. The District 9 counties and their respective phone numbers are:
                                ​ Adams County 937-544-3131                                ​
Brown County 937-378-6709
Highland County 937-393-1833
Jackson County 740-286-2504
Lawrence County 740-532-1636
Pike County 740-289-2650
Ross County 740-773-3191
Scioto County 740-259-2071
For those who wish to submit a claim for damage incurred to their vehicle as a result of a pothole,
they may do so by using the department's online Damage Incident Report Form.
If a motorist encounters a pothole on a state or U.S. route in a city or other incorporated municipality,
he or she should contact the city or governing authority