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District 9 Public Involvement Process

As part of the Planning & Engineering Department, ODOT District 9's Environmental Office is responsible for ensuring that all projects comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and other applicable federal and state laws. The staff of the environmental office prepares environmental reports and documents, as well as reviews reports and documents prepared by consultants. The environmental office is also responsible for organizing public meetings and obtaining environmental permits, and it provides guidance to local agencies concerning environmental requirements.

The following projects are currently in development and under review. Click on a project's PDF link for detailed Description, Maps, and Plan Sheets information.


 Active Projects Open For Comment

HIG-73/Prospect Road Improvement - Part 192789HIG-SR 73-8.34-CR5-14.29.pdfHIG-SR 73-8.34-CR5-14.29New11/6/2014
HIG-73/Prospect Road Improvement - Part 292789 HIG-SR 73-8.34 - HIG-CR 5-14.29 PID 92789 PI_Part2.pdfHIG-SR 73-8.34 - HIG-CR 5-14.29 PID 92789 PI_Part2New11/6/2014
HIG-73/Prospect Road Improvement - Part 392789HIG-SR 73-8.34 - HIG-CR 5-14.29 PID 92789 PI_Part4.pdfHIG-SR 73-8.34 - HIG-CR 5-14.29 PID 92789 PI_Part4New11/6/2014
HIG-73/Prospect Road Improvement - Part 492789HIG-SR 73-8.34 - HIG-CR 5-14.29 PID 92789 PI_Part3.pdfHIG-SR 73-8.34 - HIG-CR 5-14.29 PID 92789 PI_Part3New11/6/2014
SCI-SR 140-9.73 87331SCI-SR 140 Culvert Replacement.pdfSCI-SR 140 Culvert Replacement10/24/2014
PIK-CR 69-0.7096779 PIK-CR 69 Bridge Replacement.pdfPIK-CR 69 Bridge Replacement10/24/2014
Please send written comments regarding the above projects to:
Greg Manson, Environmental Supervisor
ODOT District 9
P.O. Box 467; 650 Eastern Avenue
Chillicothe, Ohio 456701
Or Click here for an online comment form. Information regarding public meetings will be posted on this site as they are scheduled.

 Current and Recent Public Comment News Releases


 Recent Projects in Development or Design (6 months or less from comment period)

PIK-104-10.6283367PIK-SR 104 Lake White Dam.pdfPIK-SR 104 Lake White Dam10/7/2014
ADA-SR 41-21.14 91601ADA-SR 41 Bridge Replacement.pdfADA-SR 41 Bridge Replacement9/10/2014
ROS-CR 205-9.7888592 ROS-CR 205 Bridge Replacement.pdfROS-CR 205 Bridge Replacement9/5/2014
ADA-SR 41-31.77 91408 ADA-SR 41 Culvert Rehabilitation.pdfADA-SR 41 Culvert Rehabilitation8/15/2014
JAC-SR 93-0.15 86588 JAC-SR 93 Culvert Rehabilitation.pdfJAC-SR 93 Culvert Rehabilitation8/15/2014
BRO-US 68-39.89/40.1687326D9 Invert Culvert Repair - Brown County.pdfD9 Invert Culvert Repair - Brown County8/15/2014
HIG-SR-73-10.57; SR 131-1.21; SR 138-0.54; US 62-13.4987326 D9 Invert Culvert Repair - Highland County.pdfD9 Invert Culvert Repair - Highland County8/15/2014
LAW-US 52-17.2187326D9 Invert Culvert Repair - Lawrence County.pdfD9 Invert Culvert Repair - Lawrence County8/15/2014
PIK-SR 104-1.8587326D9 Invert Culvert Repair - Pike County.pdfD9 Invert Culvert Repair - Pike County8/15/2014
ROS-CR 102-0.3487326D9 Invert Culvert Repair - Ross County.pdfD9 Invert Culvert Repair - Ross County8/15/2014
SCI-SR 348-15.15; SR 728-1.53; US 52-5.2387326D9 Invert Culvert Repair - Scioto County.pdfD9 Invert Culvert Repair - Scioto County8/15/2014
JAC-TR 505-0.4193985 JAC-TR 505 Bridge Replacement.pdfJAC-TR 505 Bridge Replacement8/7/2014
JAC-CR 13-1.4793984 JAC-CR 13 Bridge Replacement.pdfJAC-CR 13 Bridge Replacement8/7/2014
SCI-Shawnee SF Culverts94037SCI-Shawnee Culvert Replacement.pdfSCI-Shawnee Culvert Replacement8/7/2014
ROS-US 50-37.5092852 ROS-US 50 Slide Repair.pdfROS-US 50 Slide Repair8/7/2014
SCI-TR 79; TR 26297557SCI-TR 79-TR 262 Bridge Replacements.pdfSCI-TR 79-TR 262 Bridge Replacements8/5/2014
BRO-US 68-41.42 87303BRO-US 68 Bridge Replacement.pdfBRO-US 68 Bridge Replacement8/5/2014
City of Jackson: Dickason Street & Huron Street96258 JAC-Jackson Bridge Replacement.pdfJAC-Jackson Bridge Replacement7/30/2014
LAW-CR4-0.1497556LAW-CR 4 Bridge Replacement.pdfLAW-CR 4 Bridge Replacement7/30/2014

 Older Projects