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I like bikes
Victoria Freeman Powell
Victoria Freeman Powell
2249 7th Street
PO Box 100
Syracuse Ohio 45779
I think Alternative 2 (running parallel to State Route 124) is perfect and I am so excited to have a walking path in my town!!
Fred L. Hoffman
Fred L. Hoffman
256 South Fourth Ave.
Middleport, Ohio 45760
Phone 740-992-2782
I am Fred Hoffman and have been employed by the Village of Syracuse since 2007. During that time working with the Mayor, Council, Community Center, and residents of Syracuse, we have been successful in obtaining funding for over $2.5 million in projects for the improvement of Syracuse.
The first phase of the walking path from the park to the post office and bank was completed with funding provided by ODOT, Meigs County Commissioners, Home National Bank, Farmers Bank and the Village of Syracuse.
It has provided a place for people to travel without having to walk on the highway. For many years I noticed a lot of people walking, riding bikes and even motorized wheel chairs on busy Rt. 124. Council members agreed that this was not a very safe way to go and proceeded to try to obtain funding so that the people from the other end of Syracuse could also have a safer place to walk or bike. ODOT officials agreed this was a good project and offered to provide most of the funding for the project.
I was shocked, to say the least, to hear that some people objected to having a walkway in front of their house which would allow people to walk on a sidewalk instead of in the street. Sidewalks are in front of many homes in Syracuse. This walkway would take no one’s property since it is on ODOT right-of-way.
 Comments which were made at public council meetings show what the real objections to the walkway are. One comment was that it is not safe to put it in front of my house, but it would be fine across the highway in front of someone else. Another objection which I heard at a council meeting was that we do not want those types of people from the apartments walking in front of our house. These are statements on record. Any major relocation of the walkway would defeat the purpose for which the project was started.
I would like to thank the Meigs County Commissioners for their initial funding which got this project started. I would also like to thank ODOT for all the time which they have spent in trying to provide improvements to the small community of Syracuse.
I ask that you show some concern for people who must walk or use their wheelchairs on the highway if they want to visit areas along the proposed trail .
As for any safety issues toward putting it along Rt. 124, look at other communities; Racine sidewalk beside Rt. 124, Pomeroy, Middleport, Rutland, Tuppers Plains and others all have walkways along busy highways. It is much safer to be on the sidewalk than walking in the roadway. As for the area around the bank, post office, and convenience, it will be much safer to have a designated place to walk and a designated place to drive rather than the walk/drive anywhere as it is now. Relocation of the project would defeat the whole purpose of the project which was to provide a safe walkway from Waters Edge Apartments to the post office, bank and gas station and other points of interest such as park and swimming pool which are all on the side of the road of the proposed path.
Melissa Weaver
As a property owner and resident of Dusky Street in Syracuse, I do NOT want the path extended down Dusky Street. Limiting the width of the street and reducing it to one way traffic is not something we want. I think the walking path should be limited to the park area. Additional foot traffic on Dusky will likely increase the litter thrown into our yards and we have plenty of that to pick up already. Traffic on this street does not typically respect the speed limit and I don't feel this is a safe alternative. Please do NOT proceed with extending the walking path down Dusky Street.

Thank you for your time.

Melissa Weaver
Michelle White
1271 Carleton St
Syracuse, OH 45779

Cell phone (740) 416-3561
Part 1
Loop around the park
John Powell
I believe this will be a major improvement to our community. I believe that the bike path will in no way majorly impact those who live on SR 124.
Fred L. Hoffman
Grants Administrator
for Village of Syracuse
256 South Fourth Ave.
Middleport, Ohio 45760
Phone 740-992-2782
The only logical location for the pedestrian/bike path is the location which is laid out. This was chosen because it gives a safe place for persons to walk or bike without numerous crossings of Rt. 124. The starting/ending points were chosen because of the elderly and disabled apartments at one end and commercial area and municipal park at the other. Residents of the elderly apartments can travel to the post office, bank, store, and municipal park without crossing the highway on this chosen route. On the alternate route four crossings of the highway would have to be made on a round trip from the apartments. The area around the post office, bank, and store would be much safer than it is now because of designated places for people to walk and drive…The alternate location on Dusky Street is very unsuitable for the project and would defeat the very purposes for which the project was intended. The street is very narrow and would not allow enough room for even one-way traffic on the street if the project were constructed there. A trucking outfit has its headquarters on Dusky Street and this would have to be eliminated along with access to homes on the street. Any logical person who has viewed the street can plainly see that this is not a workable solution. The project should go where originally planned in order to provide the benefits of walking and biking to the residents of Syracuse and the Waters Edge apartments. The original location takes no one’s property and is entirely on ODOT and village right-of-way. The only objection is a few people not wanting people to walk in front of their homes. People all over Syracuse are being contacted door to door by the small group who object getting them to object even though they are nowhere near the area and only do so because they don’t want to make the others mad. This is certainly no way to determine which location is best. The facts should be looked at which are that a very small number of people have been loud enough to delay the project. Let’s look at the facts and build the project in its original proposed location which will benefit about all the citizens of Syracuse in one way or another. Let’s not let a few people destroy what Syracuse village council has worked toward for many years. No uproar was heard over Phase 1 which has benefitted many and is on ODOT right-of-way also.
Nicole Sampson
P.o.box 834
Syracuse,oh 45779

physical address:2305 3rd street
My opinion for the new section of walking path is; I am 100% FOR the path.  I live on the side where it will go through and I also have 4boys. 3 of them being under 5. Yes I worry about their safety but I also have discipline.  The walking path will be a great asset to the community and village. I think it will be beautiful and will help keep the people healthy. I also think that it will help some of the elderly people living in the appartments at the end of town get out and about not having to cross the road. 
Beth Bay
55361 Barr Hollow Road
Reedsville, Ohio 45772
July 11, 2016
To Whom It May Concern :

The benefits that the walking path would provide to the Southern Local communities would  have a direct correlation to these three goals: Children, Environment and Safe and Livable Community. Yes! To the walking path along route 124.

 Children-Many in the health community have begun promoting walking paths and other such facilities as one answer to the critical problems facing children–childhood obesity. Studies show that childhood health and behavior problems can lead to life-long consequences. On a personal level the walking path could give our extracurricular sports like track and cross country a safe environment to train for meets and competition.  Southern local students would also have a safe environment to travel to and from friend’s houses and other activities within the community.

Environment-A walking path can be an integral part of our natural environment and can be used as a tool for conservation. A walking path can assist with preserving important natural landscapes, providing necessary links between fragmented habitats and providing tremendous opportunities for protecting plant and animal species.

Safe and Livable Community-A walking path can provide a sense of place and a source of community pride. When integrated with features such as historic sites, commercial or residential areas, and parks, they can improve the overall character of our community and region. A Walking path can provide  residents the opportunity to enjoy the diverse environments and the natural beauty of Meigs County and link the communities together.

Thank You,
Miss Betheney Aria Bay
Third Grade Teacher
Head Track Coach
Fitness Center Coordinator 

Rhonda Rathburn
p o box 93
Syracuse, Oh 45779

I think the walking path is a teriffic project that ALL of the residents of Syracuse will be lucky to have. Will be a great addition to the town and make it a nicer place for our kids to grow up in and grow old in. As for the safety issues, I see none. The initial project has had no issues and I see no reason why this leg of the project will be any different!