State’s First-ever  Double Roundabout
Interchange Now Open
HOCKING COUNTY (Wednesday, December 4, 2013) – Local residents and the millions of visitors to Hocking Hills are now able to travel safely and freely thanks to the recent opening of the state’s first-ever double roundabout interchange at U.S. Route 33 and State Route 664.
“This project is more than just about safety,” said District 10 Deputy Director Steve Williams. “It’s about producing a unique and beautiful gateway for the millions of visitors while at the same time creating opportunities for future economic development in and around the area.”
ODOT District 10 broke ground on the $5.3 million project on April 10, 2013. The double roundabout design not only safely realigns the interchange, but features a thru-lane at each exit ramp allowing motorists to safely continue to SR 664 without entering the roundabout. In addition, the SR 664 bridge was replaced and widened nearly twice its original size.
“We are delighted with the new double roundabout and increased safety for everyone traveling this busy roadway,” said Executive Director of Hocking Hills Tourism Association Karen Raymore.” When the landscaping on the roundabouts has been completed in spring of '14 they will provide a stunning entrance to the Hocking Hills region.”
The interchange has been on the state's Highway Safety Plan since 2003 as increased traffic traveling in this area has created congestion and overall safety concerns. 
For example, in just three years from 2007 to 2009, there were 42 total crashes – with more than a quarter of those crashes being dangerous angle crashes and another sixty one percent of crashes being rear-ended incidents. The roundabout design virtually eliminates serious injury causing angle crashes as well as high speed rear end crashes.
Roundabouts are part of the Federal Highway Administration's proven safety countermeasures.  Although the use of roundabouts is new for southeastern Ohio drivers, there are many benefits including:
•           Reducing overall crashes by 35 percent
•           Reducing crash-related injuries by up to 76 percent
•           Less cost to maintain
For more information about the US 33/SR 664 double roundabout, visit the project website at
For more information contact:
David Rose, Public Information Officer, at (614) 623-4814 or email