It’s official, Morgan County State Route 607
ODOT erects new state route signs
MORGAN COUNTY (Friday, July 26, 2013) - ODOT District 10 Deputy Director Steve Williams  officially announces today the upgrade of Township Road 209 (Monastery Rd) to newly signed State Route 607.
“After nearly ten years in the making, I am pleased that Morgan County residents now have a safer, more efficient road to travel,” said ODOT District 10 Deputy Director Steve Williams.
Originally earmarked in 2003 for $3.3 million, ODOT did not receive the funds for Township Road 209 until 2005.  With money in hand, ODOT began surveying and preliminary engineering on the project. Once complete, ODOT worked with local stakeholders from 2007 to 2009 to begin planning and design.
At this time, the majority of earmarked money used for preliminary engineering and planning was nearly spent.  Coupled with construction inflation and the inability to spend state money on local roads, local officials could not modernize the township road.         
That is, until ODOT 2011, when deputy Director Williams devised a new plan to move the project forward.
“Because we couldn’t spend state money on local roads, we decided to upgrade the township road to a state route,” said Williams.  “That way, we could spend state money upgrading the road and help create much needed economic development opportunity in the area.”
Once the township road was officially upgraded to a state route, ODOT finished the design phase and in December 2011 sold the half-mile realignment project for nearly $1.5 million. While construction crews began realigning the roadway, ODOT Morgan County Maintenance crews widened the new state route at the north interchange with State Route 78 and south interchange with State Route 60, which was later paved by a paving contractor.
Finally, on Wednesday, July 25, 2013, ODOT erected the State Route 607 signs along the new alignment.
Director Williams would like to thank the following individuals for their hard work on getting Township Road 209 upgraded to State Route 607.  These local partners include:
·         Morgan County Economic Development Director Shannon Wells
·         Morgan County Engineer Steve Hook
·         Morgan county Commissioners Mike Reed and Tim VanHorn
·         Morgan Township Trustees Ancil King and Darel Kuntz
·         Morgan County Community Involvement Corp. Director Mike Workman
For more information contact:
David Rose, Public Information Officer, at (614) 623-4814 or email