Local residents and stakeholders help
shape highway changes to Meigs County
MEIGS COUNTY (Friday, December 6, 2013) – Thanks to local residents and stakeholders of Meigs County, new changes to the county highway system enhance service and safety for motorists throughout the county.
During a public meeting in October, more than twenty residents and stakeholders joined ODOT in expressing concerns with transferring State Route 684 and 692 near Pageville to a county road.
“People are supposed to work with the government and the government is supposed to work with the people,” said Meigs County resident Dan Lantz. “And that’s exactly what happened.”
After reviewing the public comments, ODOT has made the following recent changes to the Meigs County Highway System.
  • The addition of SR 733 to the State Highway System.  That route is currently CR 7A between SR 124 & 883 at the beacon to the Ramps at the Five Points Interchange.
  • The renumbering of the northern segment of SR 692 that passes through Pageville to become SR 684.  That is the segment between the intersection with SR 684 and the intersection with SR 681.
  •  The abandonment of the southern segment of SR 692 to the Meigs County Highway system.  That is the segment between SR 143 and the intersection with SR 684.
  •  The elimination of the unconstructed alignment of SR 124 from the State Inventory.  That is the segment between SR 7 and the Pomeroy-Mason Bridge.
"The returning of old Meigs County Road 7A to state jurisdiction is a great relief to the Meigs County Highway Department,” said Meigs County Engineer Eugene Triplett.  “The volume and type of traffic on this road is unlike traffic on any other county road, and while we do the best we can at snow and ice control, ODOT delivers a degree of service we are not equipped or prepared to offer. I wish to personally thank District Deputy Director Steve Williams and his staff for considering this transfer of jurisdictions.  I believe the traveling public is the ultimate beneficiary."
These changes were officially implemented December 2, 2013.
For more information contact:
David Rose, Public Information Officer, at (614) 623-4814 or email david.rose@dot.state.oh.us