Nelsonville Bypass 2012 Major Accomplishments
Final phase of bypass to open in 2013
MARIETT​A (Friday, December 21, 2012 ) The official start of winter means the shutting down of many construction projects across the state, including the Nelsonville Bypass.  Although work on the 8.5 mile long bypass will start back up next spring, 2012 was a highly productive and successful year for the $138 million project.
“We couldn’t be more pleased with the progress we’ve made this year,” said ODOT District 10 Deputy Director Steve Williams.  “Once we open the bypass next year, this major corridor and busy truck route will not only be safer to travel but will further enhance economic development opportunities in southeastern Ohio.”  
ODOT broke ground on Phase II and III on October 13, 2009.  The entire bypass is scheduled to open by fall 2013.     
From January 2012 to November 2012, contractors Kokosing Construction Company (Phase II) and Beaver Excavating (Phase III) along with their subcontractors logged more than 160,000 hours combined on the two phases – that’s equivalent to working 24 hours a day for 18 years. 
2012 Phase II Stats
Phase II of the Nelsonville Bypass includes more than three miles of highway earth work and 4.56 miles of four-lane paving.  Phase II also consists of construction of the west interchange as well as the construction of four bridges.
·         Poured four bridge decks for a total of 1,304 cubic yards of concrete
·         Installed 19,000 feet of guardrail – equivalent to the length of nearly 53 football fields
·         Placed more than 52,000 tons of aggregate base – equivalent to the weight of the Titanic
·         Paved 8,646 cubic yards of asphalt
·         Placed more than 475,000 square yards of seeding and mulching
·         Installed 89,000 feet of drainage pipe – approximately 17 miles long
One of the greatest accomplishments made this year was the opening of 3.8 miles of Phase II – nearly nine months ahead of schedule. 
“The opening of phase two ahead of schedule is incredible and illustrates the hard work ODOT and the contractors have been doing since we broke ground in 2009,” explained Phase II Project Engineer Audrey Seals.  “Motorists can now get into and out of Nelsonville much safer than before.”
2012 Phase III Stats
Phase III begins near Doanville and includes construction of 3.87 miles of four-lane highway. Also included in Phase III is the construction of the US 33 / SR 78 / SR 691 interchange. The project will reroute SR 78 1.63 miles through the Happy Hollow area to form the interchange.
·         Excavated the final 400,000 cubic yards of dirt and placed the last 170,000 cubic yards of embankment
·         Placed 15,000 cubic yards of grout – that’s enough to fill four and a half Olympic sized pools
·         Installed 111,000 feet  of drainage pipe – approximately 21 miles long
·         Placed 75,000 tons of aggregate base the weight of nearly three and a half Great Sphinx
·         Paved 70,000 square yards of concrete pavement – equal to nearly fourteen and a half acres
·         Poured 5 bridge decks for a total of 2,165 cubic yards of concrete
·         Placed 437,000 square yards of seeding and mulching
“We accomplished our goals this year of finishing the excavation work, mine grouting and pouring the concrete decks,” said Phase III Project Engineer Daniel McDonald.  “Next year we’ll focus on paving, finishing the State Route 78 interchange and installing safety items such as pavement markings, signs and lighting.”
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