ODOT Releases Preferred Alternative for 33/664 Interchange

LOGAN (Thursday, August 4, 2011)After many hours of planning, research, collaboration with county officials and public involvement, the Ohio Department of Transportation District 10 is proud to announce the preferred alternative to the U.S. 33/ State Route 664 Interchange in Hocking County.

The district has chosen Alternative B which is a double roundabout system.  According to nationwide statistics , roundabouts reduce the number of conflict points and congestion,  both are present in the current conditions of the interchange.  More specifically, the statistics show a 76 % reduction in crashes with injuries and a 35 % reduction is all crashes.

“ The reduction in crashes and conflict points played a significant role in the decision of the preferred alternative, as safety is one of our the top priorities,” said T. Steve Williams, District 10 Deputy Director.

According to ODOT’s 2009 safety study of the 33/664 interchange, installing a roundabout will reduce delay and the number of stops at the interchange.  ODOT’s engineers concluded reducing the number of stops will likely reduce the number of rear end-type crashes at the interchange.

“The preferred alternative of a double roundabout allows us to begin moving forward with detailed design and the ultimate schedule of awarding the project Summer 2012,” said Debra Fought, District 10 Planning and Engineering Administrator.


For more information visit http://www.dot.state.oh.us/districts/D10/33_664interchange/





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